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04-03-2004, 01:59 AM
Hello Scott,

I congratulate you for undertaking this wonderful but complex and much needed addition to WetCanvas! I stumbled upon it as I was looking to post a request for THIS very forum. I think it would be wise to include reviews and ratings of instructional materials such as books, videos etc. These are very important to all of us but as yet we must purchase them sight unseen and they can be very expensive. I just recently located a site where I am renting such videos and would gladly rate them. I also own a number of them. I also read books from my local library and would gladly rate those. If I can be of assistance to you in this focus group please let me know.

Peter :clap:

12-06-2006, 12:38 AM
I agree this is a VERY important category for rating what is out there and what is good bad or indifferent in terms of quality for learning for members and their interests! I once bought a book rated good for Pastel painting and found it totally useless for me, even though I consider myself to be a pretty good artist, having won some good awards in shows, I certainly am not a trained pastel artist and have found little in books until the last few years. Mostly, I am self taught by painting from the good oil paintings to replicate the painting in pastel. This book should have been rated for beginners techniques. Perhaps our members with a lot of experience could rate it correctly, better than the publisher who simply wants to sell books (ditto the author).
Peter....I very much wish to know what web sites rent videos of Pastel Painting, if you know of any!! Then if I am impressed I can pay the big prices asked for particular artists' work and lessons.
I also wish to know more information from the member having price breakdowns of costs of pastels...I believe her name was Stephanie Williams? I saw the Dakota site but do not agree with their breakdown on softness of Pastels. I believe a noted pastel artist-or several- would likely be more trustworthy for me to try some of the 'other brands' I see listed. I am a fan of Grumbacher's OLD soft pastels of the 60's, and also wish they would come back with the colors they had THEN which are different than what they have now, which of course they do not sell individuals of any colors at all now.
Maybe if we all band together our HUGE buying power might convince them to remake the old colors we want today, and the same for other manufacturers as well. Thanks for your help in all these Questions!!!

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