View Full Version : Oh my Acrylics are not my thing.

08-31-2001, 10:28 AM
I bought some acrylics last weekend and thought today is the day I would try them. I started to paint a background of just ultramarine blue and white mixture and I can't get it to blend It looks terrible. What am I doing wrong? Besides everything LOL

08-31-2001, 11:37 AM
Hi Luvy, I haven't been working with acrylics that long and I am self taught but it's been my experience that you don't really mix them at least not on the canvas. (at times) but usually I use the true color and I allow one color to dry before adding another color. They dry very fast so it's not a long time between. I'll try to find a ex. to post for you! Hope this helps.:D

08-31-2001, 11:46 AM
I've had watercolor paints for a while now and always admired all those nice paintings I see, well yesterday I sat down and thought I would give it a try not a serious try but I wanted to give working with that type paint a try. (he-he) this is the terrible result but you have to keep at it until your more familiar with how the materials work.:rolleyes:

08-31-2001, 12:08 PM
You have to use a blending medium such as blending white
and I also wet the canvas to allow blending of my acrylics.
Keep trying it gets better........

08-31-2001, 12:26 PM
You have such a store of natural talent that you will figure this out!:)

Probably your biggest asset is that you are not afraid to ask questions. Keep it up and you may find acrylics get easier. :)

09-01-2001, 05:48 AM
I began with acrylics nearly 32 yrs ago. Then I began discovering other mediums. Now I am playing wiith acrylics again. One person I would talk to if I were in your position is Darrell Duchene over in animal art. He does all his studies in acrylic washes, and does a fantastic job. I own one of his pieces. The best advice is what others have already said. Don't give up. It takes awile to get to know a new medium or one you have been away from for awhile.

09-01-2001, 10:39 AM
there is surely no substitute for knowledge of your materials.

but one thing i can say about acrylics is that they are easier the more water you use. i keep a spray bottle full of water and a little retarder and spray the canvas, my palette, and anything within range every few minutes!

i like to blend on the canvas also and its totally possible but everything has to be very very wet!

09-01-2001, 01:07 PM
Thanks for the advice. I have to get somewhere to get some medium. Until then I guess I'll try another one but on canvas board. *S* Not wasting a canvas for a beginning acrylic. Bug Looks like your doing pretty good so far *S* I'm going to try it again today. Although the one I started yesterday has become an oil painting *S* HEE HEE I'm doing another bird.

Christie Hey you can't find out if you don't ask. I have a couple of acrylic books but I can't ask the book questions That's why WC is here *S* Thank goodness for WC *S*

Sassy I've seen DD in the chatroom a couple of times Maybe I'll catch up with him again.

Sarkana Darn I should have bought a spray bottle. I may have too look around the house for one. I'm sure we have one somewhere. Giving it another SHOT today. Maybe with a spray bottle LOL HEE HEE

Thanks all, for your help

09-03-2001, 08:31 PM
Hi Luvy,

OILS are not my thing LOL, but I will continue trying. I keep touching the wet paint!

I love acrylics, but I use them like oils, scumble, and use many many glazes, love impasto. I do not use blender as a rule, have some but seem to like painting without it.

Here's one I just did in ACRYLICS:
I tweaked the red a bit too much, RED is my FAV color. I added the water droplets as I have a new book that tells how to do them.


09-04-2001, 11:34 AM
Luvy, I don't know if anyone mentioned this, but for smooth blending in acrylics, first wet the
canwas with a fine water mist, then apply a layer of white acrylic paint over top...the thicker, the smoother blending it'll allow. And work quickly. If it starts to thicken up, mist it with more water. But once it has thickened/dried to a certain point, if you mist it and blend it, the paint will peel off in little dots in some places and you'll have to start again.

If you don't want the white to lighten your colors so much, use less of it, or zinc white, which has less tiniting strength. I do skies this way.

Of course you can also use blending or retarding mediums. It is possible to blend almost as smoothly as oils but it does take practise.

Leesmith, I love your painting of the pears.
I like the strong reds...it gives the painting a
firey energy.

09-04-2001, 02:38 PM
I do spray water on the canvas and paint and use a retarder.
As for a white my teachers always taught me to use unbleached titanium for mixing and use bleached titanium only scarcely when you really need it white white. I also never use black but very dark blues and greens.:)
And as Leesmith I use many glazes and love impasto

But then I am in process of learning myself:)


Keith Russell
09-04-2001, 03:26 PM
(wait for it!)

--use an airbrush.!
Colour and intensity blending, superiour to what can be achieved with oils, is easily possible.


09-04-2001, 05:25 PM
Luvy as you can see, everybody has their own techniques and tips!

Patrick you reminded me of what I used to do with the white, somehow (probably after a painting hiatus), I "forgot" that tip! That may be why I've been shying away from landscapes, LOL, my skies just don't turn out the way they used to. Thanks for the comp on the pears!

Keith, you are right but how LONG would it take to get REASONABLY proficient with the airbrush? LOL And how much would all the necessary equipment cost?

09-08-2001, 09:32 PM
Luvy, I started with oils years ago and determined very early on that I was highly allergic to the things. Have used acrylics for years with virtually no problems. They are, for the most part, like light-weight/fast drying oils. Chalky at times. Maddeningly unreceptive to true color blending. But, all in all, they do very well in glazing, with a little inventiveness. Best of luck!!:)

09-08-2001, 09:51 PM
Does anyone use strictly a watercolor technique with acrylics? I have used acrylics for years, but never tried using them as you would watercolors. I bought some paper a few days ago, but haven't jumped in yet. Bought 140 lb. cold pressed, not knowing for sure what to get. Any suggestions? Do I need to stretch the paper? If so, how do you fasten it? Tape, staples?

09-08-2001, 10:35 PM
Woodciro, I sometimes thin my acrylics to watercolor-like consistency. But I still generally use artboard or extremely heavy paper. (I hate stretching).:)