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Chameleon Jewels
03-26-2004, 02:53 PM
I am going to try again although I haven't had any sucess with e-bay. Bead stores are who buy my beads mostly. I have a young child and don't want to drive all over the place. If any of you have any tips, pointers or dos and don'ts please lend your expertise. Ideas about pricing are welcome too. THANK YOU
Sky :confused:

03-26-2004, 02:57 PM
I am just getting started on eBay too, so I am also eager to hear what others have to say. If they tell me enough times, it might sink in! :eek:

I liked your photo. Did you do the metal work? Do you think you could do a thread in the technical forum letting us know how you did it from beginning to end?



03-26-2004, 03:19 PM
1) In some cases it can help to buy on eBay for awhile before just jumping in.....you will have some feedback, and can get a "feel" for how it works without risking your "selling" ID.

2) Spend some time on the eBay forums. You don't have to post, but you will learn a great deal just by reading. In particular, the "Auction Listings" and "Feedback" forums are full of useful information.

3) Wait until your work is comparable to the average work that's out there. I know that this is hard to judge, but I waited a long time. I had sets that I had thought I would sell, and months later as my skill increased, I was very glad that I had waited. What I'm trying to say is.....don't have your reputation as a beadmaker based on your early, less expert creations.

4) Understand that eBay is a tricky, fickle selling environment. Although some people enjoy immediate success, they are the exception, not the rule. This area of beadmaking is becoming increasingly competitive, and it takes time to develop a style, build a clientele, attract a following.

5) Always have something up for auction. Always.

6) Make you auctions as attractive and friendly as possible. People have lots of choices, if your pictures are hard to see, or if you "sound" brusque and unfriendly, why would they buy from you? They will simply move on.

That's off the top of my head, according to my experience. I'm interested to hear what others have to say!

03-26-2004, 04:39 PM
Hi I am am new to wetcanvas, and I am seriously researching because I want to set up for lampworking.I do have enough experience as a buyer of lampwork on ebay,to talk about what I've noticed. Pictures and description are really important, even when I had no clue (I only knew in the past 3 months about different glasses-after two years of buying!) at least it gave me a reference point to look up. The more detail in both desciption and picture, the more I the buyer can come back and drool over. Definately keep it coming, if I can't do the first one's bid- I'll probably talk myself into the next one. Also a price spread gives me hope- if you put on a set, it doesn't hurt to put on a focal or tiny set, so I can try to win something.I often only have certain amount of money to spend , but as one of the addicted, I will spend it. I search ebay by very specific terms: enamel, donut, reduction,apricot,ink,etc. I keep my favorite artists in my favorites, and I follow them religiously. Recently Ebay changed the way browser settings read, and I lost alot of them. I searched for at least two weeks to find them. I always think it is strange that people I've bought from before don't email me with the new information.I know I would keep a list of people who had bought from me. I've found that eccletic sets with alot of various sizes and variety,even with spacers of other material go alot higher. I am sorry that this is a little unfocused, I have a three year old and she is very out of sorts and demanding today :( . I hope this helped a little . Jolie