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03-20-2004, 06:41 PM
2x3 feet
saturday morning

03-20-2004, 07:15 PM
your angles here are working overtime in the best way
the upper left plunge
with its opposition in the bending of the leg
good push
the book sending more angles,
the figure in the field
it's all happenin
and so is the palette
the hand on the book is escaping me, the other hand looks less stylized so I'm not sure what to make of it
I'm liking this piece, great size, nice vibe

03-20-2004, 11:44 PM
Ooo! Nice!

I was just passing through this forum on my way to bed and this one caught my eye.

I love the picture at the canted angle and the remembering look on the girl's face. I hope she is putting juicy details into that diary. My father-in-law is a psychologist. My husband remembers dragging himself to breakfast to be confronted with a spunky dad saying, "I'll bet I can make you look up and to the left." "No way, Dad." "What color is your bedspread?" "Uh..." "Gotcha."

I love color and the human subject! Great color and great subject! Of course, i am biased.

03-21-2004, 12:28 AM
Zotma has expressed it all perfectly - not much more I can add except that
It Sings !! :D

- I think the only part that niggles a little is the hand on the book - [again agreeing with Zot ]- seems to have it's own little story happening away from the rest of the painting.

Anyway Lovely Work

Cheers Dahzl :D

03-21-2004, 12:55 AM
This is really a cool painting. I just love the eyes and her oversized painted nails, the pencil she is holding and her blue limbs. very cool :)

03-21-2004, 08:01 PM
nice one ipsy
exactly as strange as the werld is

03-21-2004, 08:52 PM
Yay!! Ispi's back!!! :clap: :clap:

I lurb her and can so relate!!! You're style reminds me lots of J'nice's. You're both masters of the tonal flesh using lights for shadows and deeps for light. Additionally that capture of emotion is terrif!! Go there bout ever day meself!! :D :D Hmmmmm How DO I word this? :cool:

Yay for you being back! I missed cha! :D

03-21-2004, 11:21 PM
It's great to see you posting! How've you been? I'm happy you've been painting, fer sure. This works very well. I agree about the angles, and I'm totally intriqued with the hand. I love the look on her face.

03-22-2004, 07:46 AM
I love this image!!!

It is wonderfully bold with a great deal of movement.

Great diagonals.


03-22-2004, 05:00 PM
Hey Everyone... thanks for the kind words.. it is good to be back. I hadn't been around for close to a year.except for a post or two. I don't even recognise this place... so fancy... But I have continued to paint and doing lots of large scale too... so I'll be posting new images again..promise.

I too have had issues with the hand. being a fan of the freak/carnie creature feature... I kinda dug it secretly but knew deep down the hand has got to go. I made it smaller over the weekend and more human. gave her a sleeve. she is looking pretty good. few more touch ups and I'll be satisfied.

Been working on resting spots in my visuals. those of you who know my work know its hard for the eyes sometimes.. I don't know when to quit....yet I persevere.

thanks again

03-22-2004, 09:56 PM
this painting is so yummy i can smell it

03-22-2004, 09:58 PM
i agree :D

this painting is so yummy i can smell it

03-22-2004, 10:17 PM
delicious,so looking foward to see all your other paintings. :)