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08-24-2001, 10:52 PM
i have a 78 piece great american artworks set of pastels,general assortment i am using and would like to expand my palete for portraits but i cant decide if i want to purchase the artworks 78 portrait set or buy the complete set of rembrandts,if anyone is familiar with these pastels and can help,let me know.thanks.this is a study i did from a book titled animals in pastels by marilyn grames. 12X17 rembrandts and a white sennelier.

08-25-2001, 02:45 AM
I am the queen of the cheapies.
I work mainly from a box of Nupastel 24 colors and a cheap box of paper chalks.
I recently got a pretty nice gift of 48 Holbeins and must say I am happy.
I am a firm believer in a saying an old friend had: "it is a poor workman who curses his tools." (THAT is a long story, but...) The idea is that the artist that can do good work with cheap stuff can do just as good with good stuff.
I know a lot of people cart TRUNKS of colors around and can get the perfect color for each stroke. I chose to keep a limited box of colors because I rarely work stationary. I go to studio all the time and packing is a pain.
I have a couple of boxes of antique Grumbacher scraps and love to butter over a picture with them. Unlike many pastellists, I save my softest for my last crisp spots. I think my harder pastel preference is because I drench them in fix so I can haul them around in my trunk.
Practicality makes a big dent on your tools and work habits.
So... what was the question?
Oh, I thought I had experience with Great American in a seminar. We got to fondle all of the brands the teacher could find. If I had lots of bucks and a big studio so they wouldn't decompose in travel, I think I would blow them all on Diane Townsend chalks. They are orgasmically rich. I swear, the soft pastels spread like Oil pastel they are so liquid!
I know you are good enough to know how you are reacting to the sticks you have so if you like them, go for it.
If you are still experimenting, grab a few sticks here and there and see how they do.
Did I help?

08-25-2001, 06:20 AM

I love Nu-Pastel. But I also use Rembrandt in the final stages. Some Portraits I have done in all Nu Pastel. Some in all Rembrandts. Most I have mixed only because of colors. I don't have a good supply of colors as of yet. I am working on that.

A few months ago when I first used a pastel stick, i was told by an instructor, "you can "only" draw with Nu Pastel. And you can "only" paint with Rembrandt." The people here were nice enough to help me boot this instructor. Well, here on the boards I was instructed to use whatever stick, wherever I wanted. First Last in the Middle, it didn't make a difference. Explore and Practice. And I am having so much fun.

Thanks for the email. I too use canson.
By the way single stick Nu Pastels are now for sale at Fine Art Store.com thats Rochester Art Supply. Nice people to order from. i get what I need in 2 or 3 days. geri

08-27-2001, 10:07 AM
Hi Stealth!
Is this the one you were talking about?
I love the texture you have achieved in the wood and the tail!
I don't know diddly-squat about working with pastels, though, so as far as technique goes.........the only pastel technique I have ever accomplished is a big powdery mess!
This is anything but that!
If I were to critique anything here, and I'm really reaching to do that, I would perhaps add a bit more value to make it pop. BUT, being that this is a virtual image as opposed to the original; it probably already does that!
Lovely work all in all.

08-27-2001, 10:39 AM
Dear Stealth,

I say go for lots of different brands and get a bunch of colors you respond to. Why use someone else's idea of what colors should go into a portrait? (Having said that, I feel my work is too literal so I'm also trying to convince myself here!)

I have a lg set of unisons (wonderful!) Faber Castel pastel pencils which I couldn't live without and then individual rembrandts and shminkes. I use them all at different times and I fix like crazy. I am also a blender. So you see I break all the rules.

Your study is really lovely, beautiful fur effects! I love the tree as well, lots to look at there.

Bye for now, Renee