View Full Version : Cyborg Girl

08-23-2001, 01:50 PM
I found this in my sketchbook, forgetting I had it. This is a character I created based on a friend I know who acts more feline than human. The fictional company that designed her calls all the protocal models after itself or K.A.T. (Kybernetic Attack Technology).

I would show you a sample of the comic pages I made of her story, but the sketches are just really quick shorthand for my way of story telling, it would look like artistic gibberish to you guys...

Anyway, I thought you'd get a kick, so I am posting her here...
And here is the whole image, that's a missile launcher on her shoulder, and her claws are ofcourse retractable...

08-23-2001, 07:15 PM
AMAZING!! :) I really like your style when it comes to the comic book genre. I guess it's the big and bold lines in the ink work that get me. Kind of gives the drawing a dramatic look and feel. You must have some imagination to create these characters. I was a big "Conan the Barbarian" fan and bought those mags on a regular basis when I was a teen. Well I think I have babbled on long enough. Maybe you can dig up more inked comic drawings??

PS: Almost forgot to ask. Do you use brushes as well as pens when you ink your comics?