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08-16-2001, 07:41 PM

here's a little sketch I did today in my art class. We were going for some sort of emotion. I choose peace or at least I tried:(...we were supposed to sketch and doodle whatever came to our minds so here it is:)! This was done in pencil, my scanner makes it look like this for some reason. I just started a mixed media that looks sort of like this, but it's not for art class..I'll post it when I'm done with it.

08-17-2001, 03:01 PM
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: Good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going back to school to finish up two degrees in art this coming spring. I miss school so much, and the art classes more than anything. You have a great time while you are there. It is so wonderful to have other artist to bounce things off of, and to get caught up in their energy. I am looking forward to seeing the mixed medium piece you are doing. Consider posting in Alternative Mediums also. We are always happy to see a new face there :)

08-17-2001, 04:48 PM
Hey Sassy, I'm glad your going back to get your degree, you know today a counselor talked to my 11th grade english class about careers and colleges, and we took this little test of the things we liked doing to determine what we should major when we go to college. I obviously scored high in the visual arts section and the lady and I where talking about schools and stuff and I said that I wanted to go to Ringling School of Art and Design in sarasota, she told me that was a great school and that she was going to work with me so I can get into the school, I'm very happy:) I was thinking about illustration or art direction..not sure. I got two years to think about it:D. Oh about the mixed media..most likely i'll be done with it this weekend so I'll post it here and in the alternative mediums forum. bye!