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Aerin Hawk
08-13-2001, 08:51 PM
Hallo :D

I just picked up a canvas and some paints today and painted a great ising phoenix using gradients (I am pleased). However, I do want to add a solid blue background. I only have a tiny suare synthetic and a line brush. I can get different brushes, but how can I make the background a solid color without seeing the brushstrokes while still being able to fill in teeny tiny areas?


08-14-2001, 01:10 PM
Hi, Aerin: I'm not understanding what you are asking. Could you rephrase?


08-14-2001, 04:03 PM
Use frisket film and a roller! You'll get hard edges around the masked areas this way, so you may want to go in afterwards to soften things a bit.

08-14-2001, 07:57 PM
Welcome to WetCanvas Aerin!

...and to the Acrylics forum. The roller/frisket solution from cuttlefish is the next best thing to using an airbrush.

Another is to use an extremely smooth surface to begin with. Apply a large, soft brush, brush in all directions very quickly to a slightly dampened surface with the blue you want already mixed, then pull stokes in just one direction one time across the canvas (you must work quickly). Let this dry completely. Then go in the other direction with a heavier application of paint. Do this layering until your blue is as flat and solid as you need. Using one solid layer of paint can cause the brushstrokes to stay in the paint.