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01-26-2004, 04:27 PM
In light of recent accusations made against me, I thought it best to post a few pics of my first portrait attempt in context so you could get an idea of the size and how it looks in real life (plus the color shifts invoked by my digital camera which I often try to fix before posting pics but here I'll just post without any digital corrections since that seems to be the thrust of the accusation). One is with me holding it at my desk at work, one is my boss holding it, one or two with a student of my Enterprise Development class, and one is my dad at his home where the painting is and will ultimately reside.

I have had my studio functional for about... a few months and am getting used to it and will be changing it as I go. You can see the 2nd portrait on my drafting table with the glasses masked off. Are those paint bottles Golden or Com-Art?

So, here are some pics of my studio, my Iwata HP-SB airbrush, my compressor, and some more pics of my first portrait in several different situations. It is mounted temporarily under glass but will come out when I find a good frame for it.

P.S. The founder of WC, Mr. Burkett, gave tacit approval to post some images here if I was unable to resolve the accusation matter privately. So, here are the pics. You may find them interesting in SPITE of it all! heheheh

more pics after this post....


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Did I do any of this portrait in Photoshop???? The colorization, yes, the B&W? No.


01-26-2004, 04:35 PM
Man, my dad looks out of it! hehehe I caught him off guard this morning. Anyway...

Here are some studio pics and a few other pics of my portrait at school. Sorry bout the redundancy but I am very upset with this situation and cannot be falsely accused by someone i felt was a peer and friend in private as if they can weild it as some type of power by threatening to "expose" me :eek: on WC! LOL!

Enjoy the pics! Man, he's got some long fingers, eh? Maybe that's why I won 2nd place in the Ultimate Guitar Competition in Memphis that year hehehehhe .... or why.... nah, I won't brag. Like Joe Perry says, I let the music do the talking.