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01-23-2004, 01:28 AM
Just curious would you use your real name, full name for your website? If yes what would you use it for? Assuming it's still advailable of course. What about for personal site .. would you use something other than your name? .

I registered my fullname BUT am hesitant on what to do with it.

I love the idea of having my own name as a dot com but at the same time am worried about privacy. Aka if it's a personal site with my ah not too diplomatic views I can get fired. OR if it's site about me I don't want friends / family to access my resume

01-23-2004, 06:25 AM
Well, my real name (sort of) is my art business site. Okay, it' just tina-m.com but my full name is a key word for all the search engines. (I've always been Tina M at school and work since there's always another Tina!) Can't expect anyone to find you online if they can't search on your full name! By the way, if you do have your actual full name in the text of the website anywhere (not necessarily the name of it) people could still find it if they do a general search on your name.

Obviously it's your personal business, but I would wonder how an employer could fire you for your private website? As long as you don't do it on their time or slander the company. Also wonder why you wouldn't want people to see your resume. I think in terms of business - so in business you need people to see info about you. Even my work address is on my website, otherwise customers wouldn't know where they could see me. :)

As for privacy, it's probably difficult to keep online. Even without having a website odds are people can find out a lot about you online already. All the posts on Wetcanvas, for example, are googled. And your profile here on WC includes your real name (if you've entered it). Try typing in your real name on Google to see what comes up. :)


01-23-2004, 11:02 AM
my husband uses his name as his personal website - i just have to get around to redesigning it for him ;)

what does he use it for? a journal (although thats going to change), a resume and an example of all his stuff for potential employers

01-23-2004, 11:04 AM
my website is


my name.....my art

sub-titled "Art from the Heart" but the business IS my name

Blue Cc
01-23-2004, 11:30 AM
I use Gallery West Nowhere for my website name. The idea
is a cross between where I live, very rural Florida, a mysterious Gallery
at night that just apears our of nowhere, and a word
that might come up in search engines. No one could look for
an artist they never heard of, but Gallery would show up a lot.
If you look for my name in google, it does comes up on 3 pages, so
both are there.
C. Turner Cornett

01-24-2004, 11:38 AM
thanks for your info everyone. ... I'll consider making something professional looking to attach my name to. just in case a prospective employer does find it :) site needs to be femine, and clean cut. :) sounds like I'm describing my interview suit.