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01-18-2004, 12:13 AM
Does anyone have any good ideas for marketing beaded jewelry on Ebay? I make lampwork, dichroic, and semi-precious jewelry and am hoping to expand a bit more (read -- I need some money!). However, the few times I've put jewelry up for sale, it tanked and got no bids. I do better selling old baby clothes than jewelry (ACK!). Any hints would be greatly appreciated.


01-18-2004, 02:23 AM
Well, for starters, add your link to all your siggies.

01-18-2004, 03:07 AM
Yes, we can't see what you are doing wrong (or not) if we can't see what you are doing!

Just before Christmas was appearently a very good time to be selling jewelry, although I don't know if that included beads or not. The Aussie list was saying how people must not be looking in the shops, because jewelry was going at a higher price on ebay then they could have bought it in the stores!

Don't know about the rest of the year - but Valentines day is coming up!

01-18-2004, 08:35 AM

I also make and sell jewelry. Ebay is a very tough venue to sell jewelry. If you do sell there, make sure you have an "About Me" page that is linked to your website (if you have a website).

You also want your photos to be very crisp and clear so people know what they are buying. (I think it's tough to sell online because folks want to touch and feel the weight of a piece before they buy). When you do sell a piece be sure to include a business card when you ship, repeat business can be a large percentage of your sales. Above all, be professional.

Although, I have had very little success with selling my jewelry on Ebay, part of the reason (I believe) is that Ebay is flooded with all sorts of beaded jewelry. And, folks that buy lampwork want the beads in order to make their own jewelry. I just hate to see people sell lampwork jewelry for so cheap that the buyers come to expect to pay near to nothing for it. Plus, you as a jewelry artist don't make any money either. I wholesale lampwork jewelry to two fine jewelry stores and you can bet the customer pays about five to six times what it would sell for on Ebay.

Hope this helps! And, if anyone else has tips about this - it is appreciated! ;)

01-18-2004, 12:48 PM
Thanks, I guess maybe I shouldn't worry too much about Ebay and just continue to try to market to stores and through my website. My problem, I've found, is I think I'm underpricing my stuff. I recently went into People's Pottery and earrings they were selling for $30 I would have charged $12 (retail) for. Yikes.

Here is my website --

I sell other things on both Ebay and Amazon, and I always put in a business card with a 1st time buy discount with them. So far no bites but it can't hurt. And I'm getting started with doing the craft fairs -- my husband is building my booth as I speak.

I've got to get better at the photography but I've chatted with a few people about it and will be attempting it soon -- with a 1-year old that just learned to crawl it's hard to get the chance to do anything for more than 5 minutes at a time. :rolleyes:

01-18-2004, 04:10 PM
You might want to check out the glass artists forums here at WetCanvas as they tend to keep themselves to themselves and discuss their ebaying in their own forums.

Another thing would be to check out the competition on ebay and look at what listings you like and who is selling well.

As has previously been stated, pictures are everything. Make sure you get a good gallery picture, too. One of the things I noticed that the glass artists here often do is a close-up crop for their gallery picture. That inspired me to do the same thing.

I think it does help to know some html and be handy with a graphics package so you can make your listings look nice. But failing that, there are auction templates.

Also, make sure you know what the popular search words are for your category. I visited your website (your work is sensational! :D ) and noticed you do some necklaces. So, I browsed the necklace section on ebay and there is will tell you what the popular searches are. It seems that the most popular search in the necklace category is ... necklace. So, you'd definitely want to include that in your titles.

Also, what a lot of folks do is have a word or group of letters they put in all their auction titles. Then, when you get a following, your fans can use that word as a search term.

Good luck! Let us know when you get some auctions up! :D