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01-09-2004, 11:30 AM
Title: PaperLess Ink Art
Project Leader: artdude Date Added: 01-08-2004
Type Restrictions: Drawing Total participants: 5 (1 entries)
Medium Restrictions: Pen and Ink Single Ref. Image? No
Subject Restrictions: Not Applicable Relative Difficulty: Irrelevant
Days open for signups: Always Max Participants: Unlimited
Grace Period: Unlimited

It's been such a LONG time since we had an art project for the Pen & Ink crowd, so I came up with this idea.

For this project you must create your ink art on something other than paper. For example, you could use: Wood, Stone, Plastic, Glass, Fabric etc. As long as it's not produced on paper it's fine for this project. So pick your favorite subject matter and get INKING!!!

You may use any type of ink (black/colored inks, gel pens, etc.)and may also include acrylic, colored pencil, and/or watercolor. For those who choose to use the previous mentioned mediums, please remember to INCLUDE SOME INK work in your art. This project is for the Pen & Ink forum.


The images I am providing are works (techniques) that are called Scrimshaw. This is done by scribing lines in materials such as bone, animal teeth, ivory from old piano keys, synthetic ivory, plastic, antler etc. After the lines are scribed, you rub your ink over these lines and wipe it off. The remaining ink will show up in the lines you have scribed to show your art work.

Looking forward to seeing all the different drawing surfaces and art works :) :D

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!!! (http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/Projects/browse_details.php?proj_id=623)

Murray aka artdude