View Full Version : Tamara, look who just arrived!

01-07-2004, 09:08 AM
He's a little tired after his long journey, and cramped from the small box (the first thing he did was stretch his legs), but he's very happy in his new home, sitting on top of the fish tank, next to the computer. :D

Thanks so much, Tamara, he's PERFECT! :clap:


01-07-2004, 10:34 AM

those goldfish look like they're interested ;)

now i want one to sit atop the speaker next to my puter

Lady Rando
01-07-2004, 05:31 PM
He looks so happy in his new home. I'm glad he made the long journey so well and am happy that you like him. Thanks again Ruth.

meriadoc .... I will be putting another Splat up for auction tomorrow. I'm sure he would love to come live in your home. ;)