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08-02-2001, 05:24 PM
Paper Mache and Other Materials - Staring this post for members to add their information and links - as far as I know this is an old art form but we have a lot of modern materials such as plastics (maybe tin would be called modern) to mention a few. To start it off Iíll pose a few examples

1. Most say use wood, chicken wire or black wire for making armatures for applying Paper Mache to - why not use plastic soda bottles? Is there something in plastic that does not work well for armatures?

2. Same as above except why not tin cans (like the ones soups, coffee and other food items come in)? I know tin will rust but doesnít chicken wire? And what would you coat the tin with to prevent the rusting when using it as an armature?

3. Plastic Grocery Bags - they are real flimsy but can they be used to Paper Mache over? Can you chop them up and use mixed in with the paper for Paper Mache?

Well thatís a few to start - maybe this will be a sharing of ideals related to Paper Mache and Other Materials

papier gal
08-03-2001, 09:48 AM
Hi! I am so happy to find this part of WC! Papier Mache is my favorite medium. I use just about anything for an armature. Sometimes the shape of the armature is the inspiration for the piece. Plastic soda bottles look like penguins to me. I used a 3 litre (weighted with a little gravel) and was pleased with my penguin. I have also used various glass/plastic bottles, wire, wads and twists of newspaper, cardboard, cardboard tubes, pvc pipe, tree branches, rocks, balloons (of course). . . whatever is handy and has the shape I am looking for : )

Looking forward to reading more papier mache posts and seeing everyone's projects!


08-03-2001, 09:56 PM
Hi John and Papier Gal
I use anything and everything.
Drain pipe is great for necks, arms and legs.
Large Tide bottles make good bodies.
Plastic garbage bags filled with styrofoam peanuts works well too.
My Husband is afraid to go to sleep sometimes for fear that he will wake up covered in papier mache'
Here are some of my progress posts in the sculpture fun art project that might interest you.


You might like this demo also :)