View Full Version : chalk and CB and oil a good filler for panel holes?

shawn gibson
08-02-2001, 10:03 AM
Hey everyone!!!

I have an oil painting done on the bumpy side of a panel. Half, done, actually, and the paint is many months old...'dry'.

I stopped painting it because I really started disliking a textured surface in the last while.

However, looking at it, I really like it, and want to try and salvage the work, repainting with the current work as a kind of 'underpainting'.

<b>Can I make a mixture of linseed oil, lots of chalk for body, Canada Balsam to help it dry, and a very small amount of lead for the same purpose...and Use a knife or scraper to fill in the little texture of the panel...?</b>

If yes...how long to dry...a couple months or more like a year? I would guess I'm filling upwards of 1/16 of an inch in areas...

I've done this with acrylic before, using a transparent medium, and it worked, I'm worried about the oil mixture drying in this case...