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12-31-2003, 11:41 AM
Hi all: Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!
I wanted to ask honest opinions from seasoned or even new members of eBay selling community. I have made some decisions on opening bids, etc. on my offerings. However, pertaining to my specific work and what I want to offer, I would like other's honest opinions on what you think is a good idea.
I offer smaller pieces. 6x8 up to about 11x14, right now, mostly on Masonite in acrylic. I can easily do canvasses and have. I can't devote more work time to eBay pieces that would need to go into larger detailed pieces though, due to my style.
I don't enjoy working too loose, I want to paint how I naturally love to paint. I do paint fast even though I work detailed. Maybe my work is not suited to eBay auctioning? I don't want to chance tiny opening bids, even though I know they are a better choice for auction venues, because I cannot give away pieces for $30 or so with the time I do put into them. I end up putting 5-10 hours into most pieces. I don't want to go for a store because I personally don't think that a store is attractive to people wanting to participate in an auction venue. I don't produce enough for eBay to have some auction and some store items.
I also am painting for a show so am reserving my larger pieces for that, hoping to get one a month done in between small pieces for selling. I cut back on portraits for a yr in order to do more of my own work. Therefore, I want to be able to through more of that income opportunity onto selling on eBay. Portraits, I cannot control when or how many come in, small paintings of my own, I can.
I have decided to open at fair, as little as I can accept, opening bids. I don't want to use Reserves as I have had a bad experience with them recently. I also am having people perceive my opening bids as set prices for my paintings and asking for them at that price. I guess little tiny opening bids would correct that problem. But I cannot risk them right now.
Sorry for the long explanation. I figure all this info will help people answer.
I want to make some set decisions by mid Jan. so will consider objectively all opinions that anyone generously gives their time to offer. I am not a good marketing person myself! I would much rather just paint! lol. I have read the stickies often but need advice specifically geared to my work. Thanks.
jmbfigurestudies on eBay.
PS: I know thsi is alot to ask so I would liek to offer anyone who wants, I woudl be more than happy to add a link of their choice, to their work or auctions, on my Website. You can PM me with what you want on there if desired. No reciprocating links are necessary to my page. I'll leave the links on there as long as they are active.

12-31-2003, 11:48 AM

First of all, I am not an expert by any means.

I have found that if you use key terms for searching, you will get more views. The more views, the more people look at your work. Also, put a link on the bottom of all your ebay pages in big letters pointing to your other ebay sales. Cross advertising is a key technique. I have also found that if you list the in featured listing, you get more views and bids. I know it costs a bit but its worth it for your bigger pieces.

Alot of people will disagree with me on this one. People will generally bid on bigger pieces than smaller ones sacrificing the quality of the piece. They think that the bigger the better and alot of people on ebay are normal non-artists and they just want something to cover a wall. I know thats a hit to our pride but sometimes, it hurts a bit.

Anyway, like I said before, I am NOT an expert and there are alot of people in this forum that have much more experience than I. Check around and form your own theory.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.....

12-31-2003, 11:58 AM
Hi chris: Thanks.
Yes, agree on large, decorative type art going at better prices. But, I can't do that. I don't work like that and I'd have to mold myself into something I am not. If I can't do what I do and make it work on eBay, I'll have to forego using eBay.
FP yes, does work. I have used it. I find I get the same hits without it. My keyword that I found out brings people to my auctions is "realism". I will try and think of some more. Good point! my painting title could go in the sub title spot.
I will try the link to other auctions. Also, I should really have 4 or so at a time up I guess.
Thanks so much!

12-31-2003, 04:06 PM
There are a few artists on ebay who do the "super realism" that you do. I don't know how they started, but I know that they do well now.

I can't remember their names, but some of the others here talk about them sometimes.

I can tell you that they would sell in the "paintings" section, not self rep, and that everything they put up is probably a FP.

I hope that someone can tell you who they are so you can watch for them

12-31-2003, 04:23 PM
Hi Eliza: Yes, thanks. That is why I know there is a way. One is Emily Zasada, whom I discovered and love. Her work is actually similar to mine always has been. I was worried I would appear like I may be mimicing her when I first saw her work! lol Others are Hollingsworth, who is actually more classical and traditional than I. I like their work as well, the light and shadow in their work. Jeff Cohen is another. There is another really good painter on eBay whom I really like, kageygreene. Her work is very vibrant.
Thanks for the encouragent.