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12-30-2003, 09:47 AM
Hi everyone.
If you are having problems with this program at the moment, heres hoping that it wont last too long.
I emailed Keith, the owner of the program and here is his explanation.
Hi TeAnne

It's Andale, they've put in a couple of advertising pages (one for their sales analyzer and one for their auto feedback tool) so Auction List is geting the advert rather than the counts page.

Usually, when there is only one advert, it usually disappears once you have seen it, so Auction List is not normally affected. But, when they are running two adverts, they don't seem to go away (the Andale cookie probably only supports one advert) so the counts disappear from AL.

Hopefully, one of the campaigns will finish shortly and then the counts will reappear.



And, Happy New Year to you too :o)

Fingers X'ed