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07-31-2001, 05:47 PM
here is my latest and only drawing I have done for anyone other than myself.

This link is a bigger pic and shows the details..plus the photo it was drawn from.


I rushed the flannel shirt a bit, had everything done but that, and i had to give the drawing away the next day, so the flannel is a lil off.

Give me some suggestions on what I can improve, or am doing wrong..

thanks :-)

11x14 on bristol Vellum (this paper is too rough IMO)

(Oh....ps...the scan was doen in two passes and joined at about the nose, thats what that little line is)

07-31-2001, 08:48 PM
I like this drawing a lot. It has a hyper realist quality. I reallylike your use of lost and found edges - particularly the way the highlight on the earlobe on our right runs into the white of the paper.

I would suggest that perhaps some of the very dark lines on the mouth and smile creases on our right could be softened - they seem a bit harsh.

I also feel that I would have been tempted to render the glasses as in the photo - reflections an' all - since it would be more in keeping with the style of the rest of the drawing. I would suggest darkening and softening the light rim on the underside of each lens of the glasses as they draw attention to themselves a bit too much.

This is a terrific portrait, though! Congratulations! Why not share it with the folks in the portraiture forum?

07-31-2001, 11:51 PM
Thanks sandra. Its nice to get some suggestions and some critique. Only people to see my work before this forum were just family and friends and of course they dont offer much in the way of constructive criticism (I mean that in a good way);-)

Your right about the lines around the right side of the mouth. I did try to soften it some, but I pressed them in too hard with a carbon pencil, so it was difficult to get out. I wish I had had the "nero" pencil before I drew those in, tey didnt need to be that dark or drastic.

Your also right about the glasses....actually at first the rims were TOO soft, it was hard to see.... I couldnt get a hard line lifted out with my putty eraser...so I ues a knife and scrapped a little out to give it a hard edge..then tried to smooth it with a tortillion.... I never got it back to smooth enough.

At first I was going to do what you said with the lenses.....but this is my mom's dad and it was for her and she was upset when she got the photograph that the eyes didnt show up.... So I figured I would "guess" at the eyes from memory and draw them in. It would have been more realistic to have darkend them and ad reflections but it may have lost a little character. This was probably my first drawing that i wasnt going all out for a perfect rendering of the subject i was drawing...instead I kinda wanted to express a feeling of who he is...rather than just showing what he looks like.

Also to be honest I think maybe I was intimidated by drawing "glass" ;-) I havnt tried drawing glass yet, and I think I partially chickened out and avoided it. Plus this vellum paper is a pain to get any smooth textures out of.

Ok, and you wil have to explain "hyper realist" to me. i know what realist is of course...but whats "hyper realist"? just REALLY real?? hehehe

Thanks again :-) I've just been on a couple days, I'll try to find the portrait forum.

08-01-2001, 10:54 PM
Originally posted by IlliniPoke

Ok, and you wil have to explain "hyper realist" to me. i know what realist is of course...but whats "hyper realist"? just REALLY real?? hehehe

Hyper realism (or super realism) is a sort of exaggerated realism. It developed out of photorealism in the 1970s. It uses photos as the basis of hyper-accurate images often without a particular narrative content. Although it is called realism, its exaggerated level of detail gives a slightly unreal quality (because, of course, that's not how we see things in the world).