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10-31-2000, 10:08 PM
tear it up in small pieces so no straight edges show and stick them down on a piece of watercolor paper.
Gesso over it.
Brush on a wash of sepia, dabbing away any areas where there is too much.
Paint your picture in the middle.
Great textured background.
Warning though: acid in the tape so these won't last forever, but if you're going to have prints made, fine.
Now if I could just come up with something easy and more permanent. Any suggestions? Has to be flexible enough for a drum scanner.

11-01-2000, 12:11 AM
Scribbler, I'd love to see some of your ideas translated into paintings....can you scan and post a pic for all of us?

11-02-2000, 07:58 AM
You might want to try this using Artists Tape ..( I get it from cheapjoe)..acid free. Also, you can do this in stages for even more fun.
Put the tape/gesso on the white paper...do a wash..then tape without the gesso..another color wash and when dry remove the tape that doesnt have the gesso on it. Unique background ... http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif Carol
PS: The above works wonderfully using masking fluid with a sea sponge in layers of different colors...no tape or gesso. You can end up with varying shades i.e. foliage.

11-02-2000, 04:04 PM
Carol, please explain a bit more about the mask and sea sponge for leafy background. Sounds interesting.

11-02-2000, 10:32 PM
Amelia... maybe I could put one small quickie together to show you easier, but for now:
Lets say you paint a light wash of green..let it dry, then with masking fluid "paint" some leaves... when dry, do another wash of green in a different but harmonizing hue. Let that dry...repeat the masking fluid and add another wash. Repeat this until you have several different leaves in varying shades..
When done and dry, remove the masking fluid.

There are sooo many different ways of doing this, and this is only one, but a fun thing to do http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif Carol

11-02-2000, 10:55 PM
Sounds like batik on paper! Neat!

I'll try some of the artist's tape next time. I'd like it to be acid-free.


11-02-2000, 10:57 PM
Carly, no scanner yet. :-(
I have stuff online I could post, but nothing with these techniques. It's all ordinary watercolor. I'll post one of them though.

11-02-2000, 11:04 PM

Carly, here's one. Just a fun picture! Thanks for asking. Enjoy!