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07-31-2001, 12:29 PM
not so brave. I chickened out big time when it came to finishing this piece. I started this one 4 years ago and still haven't picked it up to finish it. I didn't 'plan' my mass values and got lost as to what to do. If I darken behind him, I'll loose his hair. If I lighten behind him, (white out, lol, as this was just a 'study'), I'll loose his buckskins. If I medium it out more, I'll loose my mind. lol.

Well, actually, I already lost my mind while trying to be 'fastidious' with my hatch lines and stippling. I used first a dip ink pen, then moved on to those fancy pens that instead of refilling all the time, you have to clean the tip constantly.

Anyway, I thought this would be a fun one to explore and play with the values and such, in order to better help with the future ones. At this point though, I admit that I MUCH prefer the contour ink washes followed closely by semi-blind contour line drawing. I don't think I'll ever develop a likeness for doing detail art. But, hopefully, someone will AHA the importance of their value masses before tackling theirs. (including me).

This was drawn from an art brochure card. It's supposed to be Michael Horse, an awesome artist!, but I doubt that even his wife, also an artist, would recognize him from this picture. Poor guy. (I hope it's okay to show this, as it is NOT for sale in any way, just a Value study piece while learning techniques).

All comments, advice and tweaks welcome. :)

07-31-2001, 11:23 PM
Sandi..........You really put a lot of busy time in this. I don't know this guy, but it's a very good piece.

I don't agree with you that it can't be carried further, even without the white-out. I notice that the lines are very uniform and that all the diagonals are the same direction. This leaves the opportunity for some very fine crosshatching. Consider a very fine dip quill?

Of course I wouldn't mess with the original until I had worked it out on some copys.

Thanks for posting this........it is excellent.....I'm excited for you


08-02-2001, 12:27 PM
Thank you Bud. :)
Yeah, that was my first 'plan', was to cross hatch the background.. but after I put the first set of lines in, I realized his braid was sinking into oblibion. :( That's one of the areas I got so lost in. I never did finish his face either.. the nose, etc.. because I lost the incentive when I lost his braid. lol.
It's just on heavy weight card stock (index paper sheets), not archival, just a study.
Thankyou for your nice comments! I really appreciate your input.

08-02-2001, 02:45 PM
Hi Sandi,

that is a great portrait.:clap:

08-04-2001, 02:05 AM
Thank you, McLaughlin. I appreciate your comment very much. :)

08-04-2001, 05:32 PM
Hi Sandi - I really like your drawing :)

I am glad you posted it because as you learn from advice and comments, beginners like me learn too.

08-04-2001, 11:05 PM
Thank you Ruth, I appreciate your comment very much.

Pen and ink is a tough medium. One million dots and it's STILL not dark enough. Ten dots and it's ONE too many, now it's TOO dark! arrghh.

Bud, I'm going to crosshatch it on my next day off. Wish me luck! er.. patience! :)

08-05-2001, 08:40 AM
Hi Sandi - I think you did a great job on this drawing! I am just beginning in pen and ink and there is a lot more to it than I thought.

Hope we get to see the crosshatching :)

08-16-2001, 12:52 PM
Oh dear, I didn't see your post until just now. Sorry!
Thanks Norah! I hoped to tackle him this week, but when I got the time.. well, I picked up the w/c's and pastels again. lol. I am the worst procrastinator with this piece, ... EVEN with the encouragment from all my wonderful friends here at WC.
BUT, I will!!, I will!!, ... I just know I will!! soon.... :)