View Full Version : Weekend Drawing Event, Saturday Dec. 20th

12-19-2003, 06:52 AM

Join us on Saturday Dec. 20th in 'The WC Gallery' at 4:00pm EST for a fun filled Weekend Draw Event.

That’s……. New York: Sat. 4PM, Paris: Sat. 10PM, Philadelphia Sat. 4PM, Anchorage: Sat. 12PM, Amsterdam Sat. 10PM, Berlin: Sat. 10PM., New Orleans: Sat. 3PM, Vancouver: Sat. 1PM, Nassau: Sat. 4PM, Lisbon: Sat. 9PM: Manila: Sun. 5AM, Madrid: Sat. 10PM, London: Sat. 9PM, Halifax: Sat. 5PM, Sidney: Sun. 8AM Montreal/Toronto Sat. 4PM, U.S. Mountain Time Sat. 2PM

Images will be posted 1/2 hr before start time.
Take half an hour to select your image, and prepare materials.
Then draw, paint, sculpt, manipulate, whatever you wish, for 2 hours.
Stop work, and upload it to 'The WC Gallery'.

Remember to put WDE in your thread title so folks will know where to look.

This is a 'Weekend Drawing Event' so if you can’t make it at the event time do your piece sometime during the weekend and join us in the “WC Gallery”
The whole idea of this event is to have fun and share our work!

For those of you who are new to 'The WC Gallery' there will be non-WDE participants who just want to show their current or past paintings, so if you have time please comment on their work also.

See you there....