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12-17-2003, 08:33 PM
hi all,

long term listings options are brand new in the uk (australia too, i think) and tonight i did some research on what people are doing with them. it's been available for a week, but i only found a few long term listings. most of them are at low buy it now prices, which i would consider to follow auction style pricing, rather than what i would have expected from a shop listing.

i'm not sure if the low prices are because uk sellers haven't had a chance to set up shops yet or because they are not used to having the venue to sell retail. over christmas break i will be adding all of the pieces that i'm not willing to risk at low prices. however, i wouldn't be heart-broken if i didn't sell them for gallery retail either.

my question is, should i set the tone by listing them at what my gallery price would be? i took my work out of the gallery i had it in because they weren't doing well, but i want to leave the option of pursuing others. I would be concerened about undercutting them in the future. on the other hand, my buyers haven't been local so far, so i doubt i would have the same buyer pool on ebay as any potential galleries.

the other option is to list somewhere close to the prices current sellers have. the highest price i saw was $420GBP for a large piece, which would be quite low if it were in a gallery (for the size listed). there was only one listed at that and the rest were from between 60 and 100. I feel I would be better off just listing auction style than selling between 60 and 100 in my shop, but the 400's would make me happy enough. My small scale work goes for 300 to 400 and large scale 600 to 1200 retail. I don't have a long term selling history at all yet, however.

...so, am i better off just listing everything at gallery prices and setting the tone of ebay uk shops, or choosing a middle ground between the low sellers and my normal retail?


12-17-2003, 10:16 PM
My ebay store items are at gallery prices minus framing and local taxes. I list larger sizes in the store. The smallest size paintings in the store are 16x20 or 18x18, anything smaller I put up for auction. This does not produce many store sales but gives me a chance of showing my larger work.

12-18-2003, 02:47 AM
Jolie, I think there must be alot like me who didn't even know the new shop was available! Thanks for informing me, I was considering opening a store on .com but now I'll go with the UK site.

I think I'll use it partly for items that didn't sell at auction, but it will also free me to be able to paint and list larger work at higher prices! I'd definitely want to aim for prices similar to those I get through private sales, though not at the same levels as you.

I might think about putting prints and custom work in the shop too.

Lots to think about!


12-18-2003, 04:27 AM
This is all a bit out of my reach just yet - I only started selling in November, 9 small sales so far but no bids at present - but I do have pieces I wouldn't sell at auction prices so far. I would consider a shop if my sales picked up in quantity(and price!). My pieces are all quite small, but some of them have taken 10 - 20 hours, and I am trying a few as prints on the auctions.


12-18-2003, 05:43 AM
We started the shops the other day. Did you read this thread?

I'm putting mine in at higher prices. The ones that didn't auction. I'll be putting smaller ones in normal auctions. Some I have @ 90 days and some I have @ list till end or whatever it is.
I also put a counter on my shop from this site.

So, I'll just see how we go with it this way.

Hey, yeah, I sold me little pares and the lady wants another one to go with it. :D wheeeeeee