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12-16-2003, 03:34 PM
Hi all,

I just need to vent. I currently have one listing on ebay. My other one sold yesterday. I listed it as FP for the lowest amount I would take, because that strategy has been working for me. I didn't want to risk 2 FP pieces not selling though, since the art sales have slowed down so close to Christmas, so I listed the other piece at 1GBP with a reserve and no FP.

I haven't done that in a while and now I know why. The strategy seems to work for the big sellers, as they have a reputation. For me though, I just get a few bids at way too low prices that tick me off!!! This piece is a 40x40 inch colorful abstract. I'm not exactly famous, but I think a bid of 5.50 is an insult, as that doesn't even come close to paying for my materials, much less my work. Rather than get that joyful feeling I get when one of my pieces will sell (because someone likes it enough to spend their hard-earned money), I get a feeling of, "sheesh, is that all I'm worth?" I have to pay THEM to relieve me of my work!?

I think I might just be too sensitive and should think about not doing low starting prices...either that or toughen up. LOL Thanks for letting me vent. Now I will let it go and just go back to hoping someone gives me a reasonable bid. If not, I'll just tell myself that it will go for big bucks in January! Yay!


12-16-2003, 04:09 PM
Hi Jolie: Think of it more as someone really wanting to get something great, something they really want , for alot less than it may be really worth. They just want to pay as little as possible, not as an insult but as something that makes themselves feel happy and good.
Art is hard to adapt to thinking auctionwise. If alot want your painting, it'll be fought over and go high. If not, you are riskign selling for what you start it at or only a tiny bit more.
I hope things look up for you!!! Don't get down on yourself.

12-16-2003, 04:41 PM
I am really starting to think that FP is the only way to go. Yes, the fees are high but that is where the prices go up and the paintings sell the best.

I'm surprised you aren't getting a bid war over that painting though - it's wonderful and so big!

Another small point, I wouldn't put your last name in the auction title. Your first name is unique enough and your last name is very long. Think of more search terms instead.

12-16-2003, 04:59 PM
Jolie your first name is enough...also it's right before xmas and hannukah, so sales are down all over...i just sold one of my watercolors for a grand total of $9.95...the only saving grace?

I was glad :D it was going to a fellow WC member and she got a great deal. Anyone else and I would have been pissed...LOL

Also put your reserve price in your description, even if you have to add it as an extra now. Legit people don't want to guess. Your attitude is great about waiting till Jan and i'm sure you'll do great then.

12-16-2003, 05:09 PM
Your work is gorgeous Jolie. How do you get those beautiful vibrant colours and the beautiful textures? Just beautiful.
I thought when I first looked, despite you saying it, that there was no Reserve. I see there is so luckily it won't have to be sold for 5.50.
Arlene, I did that in one of my last auctions and I still had a bidder bid and never reach the Reserve, even though they knew what it was. I figured putting it in my description would take out that frustrating trying to reach reserve game. Well, I tried using them to protect myself and still get the advantage of a low starting bid. Thought I'd try it. Go figure. I'll never be sure why that bidder did that. I am not bothering with Reserves ever again. That was just odd. I listed it again at a high open and it sold to a new bidder.
I really wish I could start with low enticing opening bids but I just know I won't have several bidders fighting over my work. I am stuck starting at the min I can take if I want to use eBay. I don't personally want a store.
I too am waiting till about Jan. 5th.
Good luck Jolie. Maybe it will jump. Your work seems to sell well!
Good luck.

12-16-2003, 06:02 PM
Eliza and Arlene...I considered dropping my last name, as I know it takes up a lot of space. However, when I tried out Sellathon I found out that a lot of people are searching for me by name and it's about split equally between my using my first name, my last name, and my full name. I was shocked because I've only just started on ebay and am surprised anyone knows me yet, but it told me that Dennison is a valuable search term, despite taking a lot of space. I think I'll try adding sub-titles in January.

Eliza...I'm feeling that way about FP too. I don't mind paying for it, because it's been very successful for me so far. I just wasn't sure how smart it would be just before Christmas, because I've noticed even many of the long-term regulars have had very low or no bids on pieces that would normally go for a lot. I FP'd the piece I thought would have a bid war, due to it's red color and gold highlights (the combo seems popular right now). I decided I wouldn't be heart-broken if the other one doesn't sell, yet I still let myself get pissed over a low bid. LOL

After Christmas I plan to go gang busters and FP like crazy. I have given myself 8 months to get a good start on ebay, as that's when my job goes part time and I have to either be regularly pulling in a decent amount or search for another job to make up the hours. I fear that will drain me and take away from my passion, so I have decided to treat this like the business it is and invest in it.

Joss...thanks for the different point of view. You're right. They are not making comment on the value of my work but hoping to get an unbelieveable deal. I'll try to remember that the next time I see a low bid, rather than letting it annoy me. I haven't ever been worried about it any piece selling too low, because I alway either list at my minimum or with a reserve. I don't think I'm well enough known yet to count on the competition to raise prices if I don't have a reserve.

Thanks also for the compliments on my work. I get the texture by applying gesso with various tools in a rough pattern and the rich colors through about 20 to 30 layers...the first one acrylic and the rest is generally ink. You wouldn't believe how much ink I go through! LOL I have never been able to find it in larger than 30ml bottles, but finally found a company that sells ink in 250ml bottles. I ordered a boatload today. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it comes before Christmas, as I got some surprise time off. I thought I would only have Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Years Day off, but my boss has given me from Dec 25 to Jan 5th off! I will have so much time to paint!!! Yay!!!

Arlene...You're right, it would feel better from a WC member because we are all in the same boat here and though we may not be able to spend tons on each other's art, we get a lot more of value from the other forum members...so feel free to support me anytime...hint, hint, nudge, nudge, bid, bid (just kidding!).

Thanks guys, I feel ALOT better now!

12-16-2003, 06:10 PM
gosh jolie!

If i had the money (and our own house), i would snap that print up in an instant - its beautiful!!

I'm gonna wait till after new year to start listing more items - i did have one success a few weeks ago when i sold one of my paintings though - it felt good selling it, thats for sure! Its nice to know someone else out there liked it enough to buy it :)

-- Lisa

12-16-2003, 07:17 PM
I know how you feel Jolie, chin up okay? Things like this can only make us more determined. :D
I felt like pulling all my auctions down but then the new Aussie Shops opened, so I thought I would list what didn't sell in there. I put 90 days on them for now until I get the running of the shop sorted out in my head. So, keep at it, cos you're a top artist. :)