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12-14-2003, 11:00 AM
When I visited the Museum yesterday I purchased a post card book of Georgia O'Keeffe's work..............I have been trying to find my "voice" (as Tink called it!) ......I have made some great beads recently, however it seems it is always a spin off of something I learned from someone else. So this is my effort to find my voice :)

I took the book apart and picked out 5 prints to work with. They were my color pallette.

I didn't do anything fancy.....but used colors that I never would have picked.





I am not intending this thread to be a "thread hog"....but rather................a way for all of us to show where we are finding our inspiration..................

so what has inspired YOU latetly??? Show us!!!

12-14-2003, 11:03 AM
Wow, being able to pick and mix colors is a gift

I think these beads are exceptional - the mixes the way you have them moving

Really really great beads - inspirational ! gotta go bead !

12-14-2003, 11:05 AM
Katie! Those are beautiful! (He he...I can see the one with green in it matching my frog?????)

As an art teacher, O'Keefe is one of my favs! I love the way you presented them too with her work in the back! Perfect!

Nice job, I believe you are well on your way to finding your voice!


12-14-2003, 11:09 AM
O'Keefe has been my favorite since 9th grade art class when our teacher played us a video showcasing her life and her work. I started collecting posters right then and always had them in my room. All my friends were putting up posters of Bruce Springsteen or Michael Jackson and I guess they thought I was weird. LOL

You have chosen one heck of an inspirational artist! The way her colors move lend themselves very well to glass work and you have interpreted them so well! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Good Job Katie!

12-14-2003, 01:36 PM
Thanks guys! Come on now people.......I KNOW there is inspiration out there!! Where are you finding it?????? Lets see what you made from your inspiration!!

12-14-2003, 01:37 PM
Wow! Those are beautiful beads. You have definitely captured the colors and the feel of the paintings.

I'm not making beads yet, but still find myself looking at something and thinking, "Hmm...that color combo would make a great bead." :-) This fabric swatch from the equilter.com website makes me want to learn to make hearts right now!

12-14-2003, 01:43 PM
Oh Gosh Chris......that is soooo cute!!! I am heart challenged.............but that makes me want to try some!!!

12-15-2003, 12:37 AM
Katie! Amazing! I really enjoy seeing all the new things you come up with. Keep pushing...keep reaching...you are very inspiring. :D

12-15-2003, 02:53 AM
Beautiful beads, Katie! You've got the colors just perfect. I especially like the third pic :)


12-15-2003, 03:06 AM
Nice job Katie! I think everyone called it right! You did a great job with those!!!! I know what you mean about wanting your own style. Me too. But at the moment I am just experimenting with colors. And practicing with the glass.

Show us more!!!


12-15-2003, 07:46 AM
Lovely, Katie! Your beads only get better and better! The bicones are beautifully shaped!

I don't have a bead of this but this is one of my favorites and I find lots of color inspiration from Kandinsky - here's a link:



12-15-2003, 07:54 AM
You guys are so sweet......:)

Cindy that is incredible!!! Wonderful inspiration there!!

Ok folks.................I KNOW you find inspiration somewhere........give it up!!! :evil:

Jennifer Geldard
12-15-2003, 01:10 PM
Stephen Rolfe Powell...


And his site:

12-15-2003, 06:22 PM
YEsssssssssssssss!! WOWzers...that has lots of inspirtation.....and I can see your work in that!!

12-15-2003, 07:02 PM
Speaking of Powell, have any of you seen the documentary he did about Lino Tagliapetra? WOW! Talk about inspiration! Now if I only had an extra $30,000 so I could get a piece of this kind of work!


12-15-2003, 07:35 PM
Very nice Katie! I think you've got a good thing going here, can't wait to see how you take it even further. Gorgeous colors, and perfect shapes! :clap:


12-15-2003, 10:33 PM
Katie! Those beads are INCREDIBLE. I love O'Keefe, and you have captured not only her colors but the wonderful movement of her work.

I was just given an early Christmas present of a huge book of Diego Rivera's work. I love Rivera and this book has a lot of plates of his more obscure works. My first reaction at seeing many of the plates was that I want to try to capture those colors and textures in glass. I've not done it yet (too busy stringing Christmas presents) but will post when I do.

I love what you're doing with this. Show us more!


12-16-2003, 01:59 AM
katie-those are wonderful!
I think that you have found your voice:clap: :clap: :clap:
I'm still looking for mine, but will share when I do:cat:

12-16-2003, 07:26 AM
:D :D :D :D :D Thanks Val!

Barb, I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Brandie, Show us your progression to your voice!! (I bet you have more of a voice than you think;) )

12-16-2003, 11:39 AM
Thanks, for your kind words.I mostly make sculptural beads.
I have a few that seem to be mine, but nothing that someone looks at and says "were those made by brandie?":D
My current favorites are my cats that I make with Vals Frit. I'm making other beads with the frit, but I like my cats so much, that I buy pretty much buy everything new that Val puts out, it I get there before it's gone. My frit collection is almost large enough to rival my glass rods! Here's a photo of my kitties for you to see.

12-16-2003, 12:17 PM
Thanks, Katie for sharing. They are great! They and the idea give me inspiration. I want to find my "voice" also. I'm going to look through my many books over this holiday break and find some inspiration somewhere. I've been wanting to experiment so badly, but haven't had the time. Just cranking out orders right now. I guess that is good -- at least for paying off those xmas bills. But, I want so badly to play, experiment, explore, learn, develop -- find my "voice"! I've got Corina's lentil shaper on my xmas list (I've been a good girl this year), so I think I will be playing with that soon, I hope! Can't wait!


12-27-2003, 12:44 PM
Katie! Your beads are gorgeous! You mixed the colors so that they compliment each other beautifully. They also reflect the graceful movement and "life" that I love so much in O'Keefe's work. Bravo! I often clip out pictures from catalogues - of color combinations, textures, shapes that I like and paste them in my blank journal. It is fun to just let the book open to a page and pick something to use as a springboard for a set of beads. Sometimes it works well and sometimes......well let's just say that I have created a few "garden sets of beads" too:p It is always an adventure. Thank you for sharing your lovely work! It is always inspirational!



12-27-2003, 01:41 PM
katie, beautiful, what fun finding a great source for inspiration.


12-28-2003, 03:09 PM
Here are some beads that I made using a georgia o'keeffe painting as inspiration. I love the colors that she uses.

12-28-2003, 03:30 PM
Those beads are great!! I was fortunate enough to go to the Georgia O'Keefe Museum this past July. What a great source of color ideas. What about this?? Bathing suit patterns have extraordinary color combos as well as sports and workout gear that is patterned. Textiles such as wovens are also quite inspirational.