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07-25-2001, 11:23 PM
oil 18x24 in.

07-25-2001, 11:42 PM
a simply gorgeous portrait of light naturally projected into life.

07-26-2001, 12:12 AM
This is wonderful!! A delight to view over and over again.

07-26-2001, 01:13 AM
The light is magical I want to live there!

07-26-2001, 08:31 AM
like the way negative space defines positive objects.

07-26-2001, 10:57 AM
excellent, especially the light. like it very much.

07-26-2001, 11:08 AM
Simply gorgeous!

I think this is early morning sun?

As you know I do not qualify for professional analytical description:D


07-28-2001, 04:16 AM
I was walking down a hallway at the art school and it was twilight and the sun cast a shadow like I never had seen. It was like projecting the sunset on the wall.
I made my friend get her camera and take a picture.
I never saw it before. Maybe I have no windows that light can fall like that.
You caught that moment. What an amazing wonderful light. It is almost subliminal, not real in my recollection, but it is obvious that at least a THIRD human has seen it!
Marveling still...

07-28-2001, 04:29 PM
it's hard to sound
dignified and eloquent
when all you
have to say is


but there it is

simon levenson
07-29-2001, 02:31 PM
I used to visit moms house when I was home from college or it was summer and she would be out at work and hiding from things and my brother driving around looking for things and in the silence of the living room this tin horse that she had on the table would be hit by sunlight and make shadows in the wall like this painting. I remember it being so silent that I could hear my feet standing on the floor, I could hear the room breath and the ocean a few blocks away. It is lonely here, in this painting but it also solitude and private moments. You could almost never say to someone shhhhh look at the light, listen to it. It is universally private. Bravo!
I guess one of my favorite parts is the flowers, half described by the light hitting them and the other half by the shadow they cast, great selectiveness.