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07-23-2001, 09:50 PM

Okay, here we go again:rolleyes:
(Gisela I genuinely hope, that I do NOT crash your system with these links this time! LOL)

Anyway, the last week was a little tough for me. 'Artists block' , big time. A regular 'dose of the artist way ' would have relieved this, but everyday life does not allow it.

I decided to relax among my plants this afternoon (nature usually helps). And after that, I came in to look for inspiring works of art & interesting reads. A little 'brain muscle flexing' I guess. In the next hour or so, it's back to the drawing board to produce that masterpiece! :confused: Yup!

Anyway, I thought I'd share. These links are from **'jumpola' (main link > jumpola immediately below) ... prepare to spend some time!

> http://www.jumpola.com/ideajumpola/

lots of interesting links here link "nutscape"

check out the 'spoofads' at
> http://adbusters.org/spoofads/index.html etc
( from http://www.creativethink.com/funlinks.html)

for anagrams ...

The link below is a pdf file. These are creativity cards for you to print before cutting them as reminders. Nice idea.
> http://www.eyewire.com/pdf/creativity.cards.pdf

... & there is LOTS more!

I think of the stimulating activity as a little 'something' to 'stretch the mind'.

Until next time, have fun!!

(PS: If you have a minute, could you visit my site? And if you have another ... I have a guest book;)

07-30-2001, 11:35 PM
Geez, how did I miss this post? COOL! I'm going exploring... :cool:

BC, don't worry about me crashing -- since my BIG crash in January, I crash several times a day now.
%!$#% technology! :rolleyes: LOL!