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The Art Of M
12-02-2003, 05:50 PM

Title: Jugs & Strokers
Year Created: 2003
Medium: Digital
Surface: Photo paper
Dimension: 5x8
Allow digital alterations?: No, please :)

Done as agift for a local Biker bar that is nice to me and my scooter.

What do you think?

Professional quality?

Will it sell on E-Bay and how?

12-02-2003, 06:49 PM
Well, it looks like Barbi now has interchangable parts? :)

Yes, I am sure there is an market for this type of art...check internet sales forum if you need more information there.

12-02-2003, 09:23 PM
First of all I want to congratulate you on the painting as shown. I want to assure you that it will sell. I think you have the knack of useing the digital tools to achieve fine renderings.

However, I do want to say the composition lacks one essential element...especially if you want to sell it to the biker crowd via ebay

I think that you worked from a photograph and have been caught in the trap that so many do when they copy photos without taking care of the distortions that reside in most photos. It's called foreshortening. Your gal has it in spades

One needs to look at the viewer's center of interet...her tits! They hang down lower than a ninty year old woman's. Its the downword view of the camera that resulted in this effect. It is your job as the painter/renderer to LIFT those tittys and make them have the youthfull look. That means you have to go back into the computer and lasso those boobs and then work the magic to lift and put them back on her chest where they belong...and then shade the area under them to give them depth.

I am sure you can do it. But in the future dont be fooled by photos. As an artist you have to compensate for the limitations of photos. This is one of the reasons that people still buy paintings made of canvas, oil, and a lot of messy compounds all smeared over and reworked ad naseum. It's what keeps us "oldies" in business....hehe

keep up the good work....will lookforward to your future offerings.


12-02-2003, 11:27 PM
Interesting painting.

Myles, I think they're called breasts.

12-02-2003, 11:35 PM
Originally posted by Frank van Boxtel
Myles, I think they're called breasts.

Yep.....I SO agree....thanks Frank...:)

Let's not be offensive...:o

12-03-2003, 12:15 AM

I cant understand the crease that appears at the top of her thigh. Also, Artbabe, the word "jugs" on the back of the bike, is that offensive also?

12-03-2003, 12:53 AM
unfortunately we are NOT all just adults here...kids as young as 13 come to this site so take this suggestion for what it is.

Lady Rando
12-03-2003, 08:06 AM
Are you using Poser for this?

The Art Of M
12-04-2003, 12:25 PM
Great mature and honest Feedback, this is my kind of place! I am new here and feel welcome. To awnser some Q's...

No, I dont work from photos at all. But yes it is tempting.

Yes, I use Poser for this one. An amazing tool.

It was done as a gift for a Biker bar who's name is "Jugs and Strokers" - a tounge in cheek slang term for motorcycle cylinders and pistons. Hence the licence plate.

Yes I do racy Pin-Up's and I have nothing but respect for women. Sorry, but as a very-hetro and single man, I like to celebrate the female form. Now if I can only find a female form to celebrate thats not digital... I digress...

Youthfull or not, my camera angle did put your attention on the popular area of her anatomy!

All my illustration work is done digitally, mostly using Poser and Bryce, then enhanced in Photoshop with lots of hand "painting" or "pixel pushing". I have been using Poser and Bryce since the mid 90's. Self taught on the computer, But I am a trained as a traditional artist (a wiz with the pencil) but I must produce at a rate that allows me to improve, rapidly and economically in the medium that I use to make a living, the computer. I work in Quark and others to do print jobs at work, and in Flash and Dreamweaver to do my job's web development.

Scoot On... Marbles Mahoney

Lady Rando
12-04-2003, 01:15 PM
Yes, Poser is interesting but if you really want to do 3d work you should try your hand at 3d Studio Max. I am a 3d animator, modeler and instructor, I hate to say it, but Posers stick out like a sore thumb. They are very plastic looking and stiff in appearance. I do not let my students use Poser as it is a crutch and hinderance to learning how to create models of quality.

It is obvious that you have talent and a vivid imagination. Do yourself a favor and grow into a real 3d program.

Dana Design
12-04-2003, 02:06 PM
I don't think it's her breasts that hang too low but rather the arm as it connects to the shoulder is too high. That junction should probably be broader.

The Art Of M
12-04-2003, 05:00 PM
Um, 3D Studio Max costs around $3500 bucks. That is no casual purchase for me. Besides I wouldnt doubt I would have to spend as much on a new PC to run it properly. Believe me, I know that 3D Studio Max is the way to go, but untill somebody hires me to use it, or my job needs me to get it, I havent got a chance of even seeing it.

If anyone one would like to send me a copy, I'd be much obliged to learn it and use the heck out of it, in return. I have to get a roof on the ranch before taking such a financial leap.

I live in a house I cant afford, that I inherted, and whatever money I make (that I dont spend on scooters!) goes into keeping my Double M Ranch going! That is why I am trying to develop a series of sellable illustrations in some paticular genres that seem to popular.

I really really apprciate the resonses, very very much.

Scoot On... Marbles Mahoney

Helen Zapata
12-04-2003, 09:04 PM
I used to hang out with a lot of bikers who would love this. :)

The breasts don't bother me at all (and what's wrong with saggy breasts anyway! :mad: )

The crease at the top of the thigh bothers me a great deal though. I don't understand it.

And her shin/ankle/foot seems too small. Like the perspective was carried too far.

Nitpicky, aren't I? :D

Nice job! The bar owner will LOVE IT!!