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11-29-2003, 12:45 PM

Title: The shy dancer
Year Created: 1993
Medium: Oil
Surface: Board
Dimension: 14X11
Allow digital alterations?: Yes!

A small one from 10 years ago.

All c&c's.

11-29-2003, 03:55 PM
You stated all C&C's. Why would you post a 10 year old work? Are you admitting you haven't learned anything in that time? You've been around some here. Perhaps you might C&C this yourself first and then let us pile on. :)

It would be difficult to criticize this not knowing where you are now. Personally I feel, along with those good impressions you made 10 years ago, that anything said now would just be superfluous.

Plus, I'll take a lot of that love now.


11-29-2003, 05:49 PM
Let me respond to your comments as politely as I can.
1. The reason I put it here is because I noticed in the short period of time I have been glancing at this particular forum that a certain type of realism (with some minor variations) prevails here. So, 10 years ago, and much earlier, I too did a certain type of realism. If you looked at certain more recent works of mine, you probably know that I am pretty removed from that now.
2. It is truly interesting that so many of us can hardly relate to a true soulful artistic statement (and I'm pretty sure that you know what I'm talking about, despite the "different strokes for different folks" BS). On the other hand, it is just as interesting that so many of us can easily relate to an accurate copy of a photograph. Very very unfortunate, IMHO. The modern musical equivalent would be not being able to appreciate a classic Bob Dylan, such as "It's all over now Baby Blue" for example, but falling in love immediately with Britney's "Hit me one more time".
3. Showing us all that we learnt well in our art classes (or similar venues) and now we know how to draw "correctly", compose "properly" or relate adjacent colors "harmoniously" is only an early stage in true and serious artistic development. It is what one does BEYOND all that that counts.
There's a huge difference between true artistic statements shown in many good galleries and elsewhere and the stuff that is being shot from the hip, which quite often contains all the above-mentioned learned elements, and is sold on Ebay for not much more than the cost of the materials and pretty often not sold at all.

11-30-2003, 12:53 AM
A few more words and thoughts:
A work by Gauguin. One of his earliest. He was very much self-taught. However, this work reflects the influence of such artists as Manet and even Delacroix. If this and others like it were all Gauguin left behind, we would NOT know his name today. He went shortly after that time WAY BEYOND and hence made himself Gauguin forever:


A work by Harry Robinson (with license??! to copy from the photograph??) done 150 years after Gauguin's and not nearly as good as Gauguin's:


There seems to be a definite need to move on and make timely and honest statements.
I'm only being somewhat critical as befits the name of this forum.

11-30-2003, 04:25 AM
I am perhaps making a mistake responding at such a late hour in the day (or morning), but I agree with Harry! I have a ton of stuff from many years ago to post....what does it matter? That was then. Right now is what is important....what have I learned and how have I grown. Also, check your intentions! Why do you care what we think about something you did ten years ago? Is your importance based on then, or now? Who are you now, and how are you expressing it? When we post in this forum we open our creative selves to ridicule and praise. Accept what helps and feels beneficial, the rest is everybody's else stuff. You are "Pipiacacssoso," not Gaugain or Harry Robinson. Don't shoot the messenger when you are asking for input. Am not trying to be rude or disresectful.....and am being uncommonly frank. Jim

Decadent Dream
11-30-2003, 07:24 AM
When I disregard the objects and composition in this painting with which I feel I cannot comment on because of my tunnel vision towards a more realistic approach, I find all the textures and colour combinations exciting to look at and admire for the effort you place on them, your love of such expression which I have noticed in your newer studies shines through even in this piece from 10 years ago... I believe in all of us there is a yearning to portray imagery that we either enjoy to paint or wish to emulate, I do think that influence from earlier works can blind the vision from within although inspiring us it tends to lack progression in our own styles and ends up a shallow emulation. To dig deep and find all that you either adore or despise and place that on canvas/board is probably the most difficult thing ever to achieve... but a worthy one if only to satisfy your own personal outlook. Often with paintings in this forum their is more of a need to reach a higher standard without thinking too much about the subject matter which is only placed as a challenge ..because I am guilty of this...I think its an excellent method to progress :) until confidence gives you the ability to achieve the imagery you genuinely wish to portray with the standard you are happy with.


12-02-2003, 05:36 PM
nice color handling
figure nicely lost in setting