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07-21-2001, 11:37 PM
Ok I may be undergoing something I'm not ready for. For one thing I need to know should I make the windows go to the ceiling in this picture with maybe a little ceiling showing? Is it too centered? And I have not the faintest idea how to do water in this. *S* Buy I have some books I'm going to use when I get to that point. Also how much outside should I do just sky or sky with a few limbs and leaves, as though on a second story home. HELP *S*:confused:

07-21-2001, 11:45 PM
I believe it's centered just fine. Also I think that eliminating the top lines and making more wall of ceiling (which ever) would make this a very nice painting. ;)
It does keep me focused on the subject other than the objects around.

07-22-2001, 10:02 AM
Thanks Ohju. I wasn't sure if I should go the whole way up with the windows. That's why I added the top window to see what it would be like. Think I'm going to enclose the tub like an alcove. If I can get the angles right *S* Just going to play with it and see what happens. *S*

07-22-2001, 10:39 AM
It's an interesting start- but I'd rather see more of her, and less of the room
unless you're either
a. trying to solve the problem in this work...or
b. having the room say a great deal about her.
If it were a photograph, I'd probably want to crop out all but her in the tub,
especially her face- make us wonder what she's thinking.
realize that's a different picture entirely...so feel free to
ignore me. Also- What medium will this be?
Hope you don't mind the suggestion, seeing as how it does make for
a totally different work...*sigh*

07-22-2001, 11:29 AM
I of course realise you have only just started this one but I get the impression that the bath will fall over into the foreground of the painting. Its only a matter of altering the perspective a little. I look forward to watching the progress of this one. I'll wait until you have worked on the lady in the bath a lot more before I ask you for her phone number.

Vic :):

07-22-2001, 01:18 PM
I like the tall windows, but feel too much of the "energy" of this room/painting is escaping... I long for a partially drawn curtain, or maybe a few hanging plants in upper left? Just a thought... I think Vic's [first] comment is more important! lol...

07-22-2001, 07:07 PM
Luvy, this could be s great painting...go for it...I see the windows as a screen actually....maybe with plants hanging, but very muted to not draw away from the bather.

But you need to correct the perspective, as stated above, or the water will flow all over the viewers!!

Good luck, let us see the next stage.:eek: