View Full Version : A Quiet Camp

Rich Williams
07-20-2001, 11:13 PM

Just a quick painting for critique. 21' x 14' on 300 lb arches

07-22-2001, 06:24 PM
I like it. The camper illuminated is suble and meaningful.

The tree on the right going all the way up the page distracts me somewhat.

Nice dreamy painting!

07-22-2001, 10:02 PM
Hi Rich,

I really like this one, have thought similar ideas. There's so much cool stuff going on in the camp, the tent is great as is the pouring....When I first looked my eye checked out the forest for some reason instead of the camp....Just a quickie, huh? Must be nice to be so very talented. :D ...Karen

07-25-2001, 09:18 AM
I'm very impressed with this painting. It's symetrical but works without being boring, and that's not easy. I like the tall tree on the right. The downward branch near the top takes my eye back to the fire and camp. The only thing that bothers me some is the tree just to the left of the smoke; it seems to be floating. I can't tell what is needed to make it appear out of the smoke - maybe a bit more paint on the bottom to make it lost and found in wispy smoke before it disappears behind heavier smoke.