View Full Version : Crayons and Watercolor....

Lady Artist
09-18-2000, 07:39 AM
Anyone ever tried this mixed media? I used to do a lot a crayon work with a wash of India ink over it. Cool effect.

The other day, I was doing some apples and needed to "mask out" those little spots they have. Thought, why not try the colored crayons? Ended up using them in other vaious places in the picture.

It was fun! I liked the texture and I'll be doing a whole lot more with them.

09-18-2000, 01:54 PM
Sounds like a good idea. I havn't used crayons but have used some parafin the keep whites which also acts as a resist.

Lady Artist
09-18-2000, 05:52 PM
Amelia, I just came back from "Art Supply Heaven" and I know I'm "regressing" for sure! LOL! I just bought a box of Crayola Crayons in 96 colors! And...a tablet of canvas weave paper. Let the fun begin!!!

09-20-2000, 06:05 PM
I love crayons! I have always kept a big box of them around.


09-20-2000, 09:51 PM
See...artists are just kids at heart! :-)