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09-14-2000, 01:40 PM
I love seeing everyone's paintings, but I am not sure what computer equipment is needed to post these and how you go about it. Could someone explain, or if there is an explanation somewhere in this site direct me to it. Thanks.
PS Keep posting your beautiful work...

Lady Artist
09-14-2000, 01:49 PM
Catjoe, I don't have a scanner, but if someone else here does, they can give you directions for that. I posted mine from my agent's website and this is how I did it:

l. Go to that picture and click on it to make it big.
2. RIGHT click on it and choose "Copy Image Location"
3. Go back to your forum and choose "Post a Message"
4. RIGHT click in the message space and then choose "paste".
5. Click on the "Submit Reply" button
This will display your picture.

Now...this is all from a newbie here who has only been online since Dec. I copy all kinds of instructions from very helpful online folks. You should see my bulletin board here next to my 'puter!

Time to go do the oogy stuff: bookkeeping!

09-14-2000, 02:06 PM
There are several methods to digitize your work. (1) take a picture with a digital camera, (2) use a scanner, (3) take a traditional photo and have it digitized - Kodak for example will put your photos on a CD. After it is digitized the image can be adjusted in a program such as PhotoShop. Once the pic looks right it needs to be sized to fit confortably on the computer screen of the viewer. On my web site we stick to about 6.25 inches tall and no more than 8 inches wide. Obviously the shape of your picture will dictate which dimension is restricted. The picture should then be saved as a jpg file. The size of this file is determined by the "quality" desired. We try for a "medium" quality with a resolution of 72 pixels/inch with 3 progressive scans. We try to keep the pic size under 70K so it will load reasonably fast.

For posting to WetCanvas you will need a pic of 50K or less in jpg format. You can upload your pic at http://wetcanvas.com/Critiques/index.html
There are instructions on this page. Good luck, Dennis

09-16-2000, 12:24 AM
Thanks all, I think the company I use for developing pictures will digitize my film. Thanks for all the good tips and the site.