View Full Version : Mule deer in pastel

Sarah Rose
01-09-2020, 11:47 AM
After taking some time off from animal subjects to improve my landscape I am back at the critters :) This is an 8x10 in soft pastel, from a photo by Instagram user creekbedphotography who I pay a small fee to for artist use. I think I can learn a lot by painting antlers :)


01-09-2020, 01:30 PM
Lovely work, Sarah!

01-09-2020, 01:51 PM
Well done

01-10-2020, 06:38 AM
Very nice Sarah!

01-10-2020, 12:49 PM
Beautiful work. Exception use of dark and light movement. Very well done.

01-10-2020, 02:31 PM
He's very handsome. Well done!

01-11-2020, 08:02 AM
This is really good. I really like the texture and light and those antlers are wonderful. :)

chammi kaiser
01-11-2020, 09:09 AM
You certainly have nailed those antlers Sarah. Love the light on them. Very nice painting.

Yvonne Keogh
01-11-2020, 03:47 PM
I love the way you've captured the softness and texture of the fur, also the deer's expression is very beautiful and endearing. I don't think you have anything to learn about antlers as you have nailed them. Well done!

Sarah Rose
01-12-2020, 05:30 PM
Thank you all so much :) I love antlers so maybe that is why they keep my interest long enough to paint them.

01-13-2020, 05:29 PM
great image :)

01-14-2020, 10:04 PM
Sarah, it is stunning! Pastel is the perfect medium for portraying the softness.

02-10-2020, 02:50 PM
Everything looks good, but I do not like those "fingers" at the base of the right antler. Maybe they could be smoothed a bit?

02-10-2020, 07:59 PM
Looks nice Sarah! Soft tones.

02-13-2020, 02:25 PM
Very nicely done...the softness it great

02-18-2020, 11:38 PM
Beautiful! He looks very regal and soft, the antlers are wonderful.