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Herm Rediess
11-14-2019, 09:29 PM
I finally found a great electric pencil sharpener for soft pastel pencils - "bonsaii" model P 106-A. I have tried several others and most work OK for a while but eventually break off the pencil tips so are unusable for me. I also have tried several manual sharpeners with blades but all of them break the pencil tips as well.

I have used the bonsaii sharpener on several brands of pencils: STABILO CarbOthello (which I use mostly); SPECTRACOLOR; Carbo-Othello; PRISMACOLOR; and General's Charcoal pencils (black and white). The sharpener hole is too small for Conti pencils, which I really like but can't keep sharp. I can sharpen all the above pencils to a point of at least 1 mm. If a small point is needed, I still use very fine sandpaper.

Many of my pastel paintings have very small details which require a sharp point and a magnifying glass. Since having Cataract surgery in 2017 my very close vision is poor even with reading glasses. I purchased a magnifying glass with a light that fits on my head so hands are free. Do not remember the brand or model.

Hope this is helpful. Herm

water girl
11-16-2019, 03:44 PM
Thank you, Herm! We are always on the look out for a sharpener that gives us those sharp points.

Herm Rediess
11-18-2019, 03:31 PM
Another tip for electric sharpeners - If the tip on a pastel pencil breaks off in the sharpener, which often happens with soft pastels, use an ice pick to unclog it. BE SURE TO UNPLUG THE SHARPENER BEFORE PUTTING AN ICE PICK IN IT!! Push the ice pick in as for as possible and twist the point around until it unclogs. You can feel it when it unclogs. Sometimes I sharpen a regular pencil first to be sure it sharpens correctly.

11-18-2019, 07:11 PM
I dont use pastel pencils all that much. I usually just get by with using utility knife (or exacto knife) to sharpen. However, if i were to use them much I would use belt sander, or figure a way to use the little sanding attachment on the Dremel tool. I get WAY frustrated with tips breaking and /or breaking off in the sharpeners...so I figure a way to not use them..ha :)