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09-11-2000, 11:14 AM
I was wondering what other artists sell their paintings in watercolours for , particularily flowers, i saw an artist selling them for 25 dollars , i wa also wondering, me only working in watercolours twice I was wondering what is the difference between watercolours and acrylics?

thanks animal http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif

09-14-2000, 06:16 AM
Hey Animal,
Like many things it depends on the quality and what the market will stand.Flowers are always popular especially poppies for some reason certainly here in NZ.Check on local quality and price and set your price at that similar level. Also are you going to sell framed or unframed or packaged( clear wrapped) Here in my area in NZ they go from $50 to several hndred. Hope I have helped, its a good feeling when they sell.

09-14-2000, 06:29 AM
Sorry Animal,
Didnt answer your question about Acrylics. Watercolour is a pigment( colour) mixed with a binder, usually Gum Arabic and then released by the addition of water.
Acrylics are also a waterbased colouring though the pigment has a polymer as a binding.It is also used by mixing with water.Now the differences. Acrylic when dry is waterproof.It also dries quickly even when thick (impasto). You can paint over the top of a colour without disturbing the colour underneath. Unless you are very careful and the paint has been allowed to completely dry, you cant really do this with watercolour without the chance of the colour lifting.Acrylic is also very flexible and a painting can be rolled up when dry without damage.If it get dirty, you can wash it with soap and water,you cant do this with watercolour.Acrylic can be used in either a watercolour manner that is in thin washes or in an oil paint manner in thick layers.Ther are several mediums that can be added to give various effects. A lot of people like it as it is not as frightening as watercolour.It is also reasonably cheap.You can paint on just about anything you want from wrapping paper to canvas or concrete.I use it but there again I am trying all the mediums. watercolour ,acrylic ,oil,pastel everything.
Regards Billyg

09-14-2000, 02:47 PM
animal, billyg said it all pretty much. One thing that is fun about acrylics is using a molding medium and playing with your knife to get some great texture. The medium can be mixed right in with the acrylics.