View Full Version : Middle road

10-23-2019, 08:02 PM

In this world but not of it
Heart pained
Heart joyus
What is the middle road

To be in aw
And hold that space
Without crashing
Into depression

To see the beauty in the world
Make that my world
It is not to be blind
But to live in choice

What is choice
Than to live by our intent
We are taught to manifest
So why is it so hard to create a new world

Old patterns must be changed
Negative thoughts banished from the mind
Nine seconds, is my world
Peace profound, is it possible

When i am on my knees
Trying to see the way
But all i get is blackness
I pray i am still worth something

How can i be of service
If no one wants my service
People bounce off of me, get scared of me
That is the reality of vibrating higher

I am told
You can not be a prophet on your own land
No one believes you
Yet i have been many places in reality

Peace profound
Gentle heart
Positive mind
Rose Coix

The perfect state
Is it still heaven to an addicted personality
So much to let go of
The Dharmic Ego must prevail