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09-15-2019, 10:11 AM
Just a heads up, someone has several sets of grumbacher 30 half sticks, the portrait set, on eBay, 12$ plus shipping. Great set, good price. If anyone is interested.

This was the first set I had, a family friend gave it to me when I was in college and I found it to be a perfect figure drawing set.

Yes, I bought a spare....

Search for grumbacher artist pastels, newly listed.

water girl
09-15-2019, 12:49 PM
Thank you! I have a friend who uses Grumbacher.

09-15-2019, 01:03 PM
I found their raw number (included in this set) to be perfect, almost grey.
Grumbacher olive green was my most used pastel, I searched everywhere for a color match and found mount vision 60-64 to be the closest.

My Beloved Muse
09-15-2019, 01:36 PM
Thanks for the notice! I found some abandoned sticks years ago and really enjoyed them. May just have to look them up.


09-16-2019, 12:33 PM
Thanks for the heads up, DBFarmgirl! They had four sets, and I just bought one. It's a portrait set... and I don't do portraits... but so many of the colors could be used in landscape, as well. I have several different brands, but no Grumbachers.... I look forward to using them and seeing what I think. I'm a relative newbie to pastels and am trying out different brands. And as someone one said, "You can never have too many pastels!" LOL

09-18-2019, 04:03 PM
My set arrived safely today.

I hope I never have to do a portrait again. I did a pastel figure in college using only this set and 3 additional colors.

The colors are very useful for landscapes too. Add a couple blues and greens and you could have a compact plein air set. I have 2 of these 30 half stick boxes with 60 different grumbacher Rembrandt and a couple Winsor Newton that I selected for plein air. Small, light. Cheap.