View Full Version : Heilman Mini vs. Backpack

08-30-2019, 02:55 PM
Does anyone have open photos of the Heilman Mini ($235)? So many people have the Backpack, but I never see inside photos of the Mini or hear anyone talking about it.

I want something with the 6 dividers, something that I can use both at home and take with me on short trips (I don't paint that much but I do want to be comfortable when I do) and something light enough for me (I have a neck and back injury so dragging things around is hard for me.)

Right now all I have is a Roz box, which is nice, but I want something I can put all my different types of pastels in, including pan pastels. If anyone has photos comparing the Mini to the Backpack, I'd love to see them, as well as hear your input.