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11-16-2003, 01:39 PM
City of Icarus, Artist's Proof #1, 8.5 x 11 on a4 paper, using speedball inks. Image size aproximately 4 x 6.



The image on the top is the whole sheet, scanned in, the image on the bottom is cropped for a better view. I left the ap # open as I haven't decided which ones to submit for the LE run and which to declare as, 'unworthy'. I'd like commentary and opinion on this, how do you choose a, 'good' and a 'bad'?

Obviously the smooth hot press paper is a far better choice for this type of printing (see my 'drawing down the moon'). I printed about 15 of these on hot-press arches watercolor paper. It was an exciting process and one in which I hope to duplicate in the future using my other block.

The arches just *drank* the ink up. A touch spendy, but certainly, the result is magnificent, imho.

I'm still learning, and would appreciate any C&C.

Thank you :)

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11-16-2003, 01:50 PM
I like. (I just typed up a massive response to your other thread, lol...)

I was always taught to number prints in pencil, don't know if that's a big deal or not, someone else will chime in with that.

ooooh save the expensive arches for watercolor, block prints aren't that picky. Or use 90 lb paper if you want to use watercolor paper, save the heavy stuff for media that actually need it. (just my opinion as a poor high school student ;) ).

Keep up the great work!

11-16-2003, 02:31 PM
I like it too

I don't know much about the process but I like the result

the way it fills the composition

the flow of the lines

nice work

11-16-2003, 07:56 PM
Everything I have read says they should be signed in pencil. Typically: lower left ~ edition number, center~ print name, right~artist signature

11-17-2003, 08:43 AM
Oki! Taking notes! Thanks, bananna for both comments, pampe, and rickyt. This printmaking could be my next major time-sucker/money spender :P

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Alan Cross
11-17-2003, 02:46 PM
Nice movement....
Alan :)

Diane Cutter
11-24-2003, 12:04 AM
Very nice piece. Ditto on the pencil rather than ink for signing.

Wow... how to pick the "good" from the "bad". When you have an edition each of your images should look just like all the others in that edition. There should be no discernible differences.

If you decided that you want an edition of 15, once you've decided how you want your image to look, then all subsequent images you print up need to look exactly like the others in that edition. This makes a good argument for keeping your editions small.

If you don't want to print all of your images up at the same time you must take really good notes of your process (paper brand and weight, ink brand, etc.) so that later printings look the same. I always keep at least two of an edition around so that I know for sure the newer ones will be true.

I love your energy,

11-25-2003, 07:43 PM
:::waving::: Hi Caroline! I like this print of yours. :) Did I tell you I'm taking a printmaking class this semester? You're right about it being a time/money sucker! Oy. I have to finish three more prints/editions before end of semester. I'm behind as usual. Went to class last night to proof and hopefully pull my final prints but someone cut the head off the plug to the frickin' press! ARRGGHHH!!!! Ah well.

11-25-2003, 09:51 PM
Ack! Now that's just evil. Doing monotypes? Would love to see them, this forum is really great, lot of very knowledgeable people. I've just fallen in love with block printing. Gives me that heavy, sold feel, with some randomness tossed in for a touch of abstraction. I'm going to try an do some colors in the next run, but not quite sure why. I'm also going to be building my own press for block work and probably do a run of 100 or so for xmas cards (now that's mascochism folks!).

See ya :)


11-25-2003, 11:49 PM
Oh! Good luck on your Christmas cards!

In class, we have to have two monotypes. I have more, but need to pick my best two for the final portfolio. Some are Chine Colle (sp?). They aren't very good. LoL

Then we have to have four different etchings each with an edition of three to show our competance in wiping consistancy. Then one more etching with an edition of 13 for a print exchange amongst classmates. The etchings can be hard ground, soft ground, aquatint or drypoint or any combination thereof.

I have my monotypes. Although I sure wish I had time to do better ones. And two etchings, that again, I wish I had time to improve. I'm currently working on my third, stopped last night by the plug thief. Then have to finish start and finish two more.

At semester end I might post them if I'm brave enough. LoL We haven't done any block printing or woodcut. Just not enough time in the semester to cover everything.

12-09-2003, 04:12 PM
I really like the design of this. It is nicely balanced with great negative space. Arches is a good paper, but you also might want to try Somerset or Rives BFK heavyweight. They are a bit less expensive than Arches, and suck up the ink just as well. I can warn you that printmaking is addictive:D and yes it is a medium that really sucks up the money too.....lol It is worth it though, so I hope to be seeing more of your work:)