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05-09-2019, 04:11 PM

I'm a long-time member, but have not submitted in almost a decade, so I've forgotten how to upload images and add text...this is a really personal still-life I've had in mind for years, and having recently retired, I have more time to paint (and interact on Wet Canvas). C&C welcome.

05-09-2019, 07:40 PM
Welcome back!
This is lovely.
Perhaps a little more clarity on the lettering?

water girl
05-09-2019, 08:18 PM
Welcome back! We hope you join us, now that you've retired. Your handling of the fabric is wonderful. I know people are probably tired of hearing this, but I like a painting that tells as story and yours does. It invites the viewer to linger, which is a good thing. :thumbsup:

05-09-2019, 10:30 PM
Beautiful! Yes, it would help to have clearer letters. The colors are wonderful. :-)

Donna T
05-10-2019, 07:41 AM
This is really touching and I think you painted it beautifully. Old tools seem to have a sense of dignity or maybe that's just what I project upon them. I like your composition and the folds in the fabric add another level of interest. I like the worn look of the Bible letters and think they are just enough to explain what that book is without it looking too flashy or new. I hope to see more from you now that you have more time to paint.

05-10-2019, 03:40 PM
Really good painting. You could try looking for reflected light of the fabric onto the objects as well as the objects onto the fabric. What you have here works already, though, so you can think about this in your next piece.

05-12-2019, 05:05 PM
Thanks so much everyone for the comments; the lettering on the Bible is a bit darker in life; I wanted to show age, even though it's a newer book, and I didn't trust myself to create anything that wasn't there. Reflected color is a great suggestion, but again, still not ready to create on the fly. Thanks again for looking and encouraging - Nha

western ejm
05-12-2019, 06:55 PM
What a lovely picture. You've captured the wear shown in the tools very well, and the highlights in the draped cloth are well done. Lovely.