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Drawing Drew
05-05-2019, 06:55 AM
Size : 120cm x 100cm Oil on Masonite

I have not painted in the past 10 or so years, but this piece was a commission that I simply could not refuse. The client chose most of the colour palette, the subject matter and the style. And this isn't even my regular style(I'm actually a cubist!) but was fun nonetheless. It's 95% done. Apologies for the poor photo quality (phone camera). C&C welcome.


05-05-2019, 09:53 AM
Drew, welcome to you, and so glad you chose to show your art to us and to get back into painting. Such an unusual style. She could be a form made up of small wooden pieces. Your client will love it!

05-05-2019, 01:58 PM
I like it. It might be fun to do the same piece with real painted match sticks in bas relief or as a mosaic.

05-05-2019, 02:02 PM
Very cool.

05-06-2019, 12:03 AM
love the background especially, would go well with my Tiki Bar.

05-06-2019, 07:04 AM
Very nifty. I like it. It looks like a lot of work. 😄

Drawing Drew
05-06-2019, 12:25 PM
@KreativeK - thanks for the warm welcome! I've been catching up by reading through the whole "Color Theory and Mixing" section the past week, it's a real treasure trove of practical pigment information, seems like I've missed a couple of new things in the past decade. And yeah, the painting technique is a bit unusual. Most artists I've met have something that drives or fascinates them(or a combination of primary interests): be it light, emotion, shape, the subject matter or the physical part of creating art. I like the latter, my style kind of stays the same but the physical technique varies quite a lot. Matchstick Girl is a variation of a technique, just more chunkier, from a much older(17 years..) painting of mine.


@contumacious - Fun idea! Been reading up on modern epoxy formulations, and itching for a reason to do something that calls for it's use.

@trufflecat - Thanks!

@theBongolian - Art on the walls and in the glass sounds like a winning combination.

@Humburger - Thanks, and yeah, it took a while. Btw, I had a quick look at your site, that "Winter in Virginia" painting is really good, love the trees!

05-06-2019, 03:48 PM
Glad to see you back in action and your client will be very pleased with this fine work my friend.