View Full Version : WDE Mar 15 misty valley and sunset

03-20-2019, 03:42 PM
the last 2 pages in a WC sketchbook I made, 6x12
the misty valley is cropped and using a faded existing painting full of blues, washed out and highlighted with gouache and some acrylic pen


and the last, my take on the great sunset and sculpture

each of these took inder an hour

03-21-2019, 02:02 AM
Both are lovely, I especially like how the yellow has bled through the top of the first and the blue horizon on the second.

03-21-2019, 02:19 AM
Everything is suggested, hinted at in the first piece. It has a mysterious air. You have made it into a setting for a legend. The second is a very good sketch of the quietly dramatic view across the lake. Thanks for this fine addition to the week's work

03-21-2019, 10:22 AM
Your work is always a thrill to open up and peruse.

Charlie's Mum
03-21-2019, 01:08 PM
These are both lovely Bonnie - a sense of light through mist in the first and the drama of the sculpture silhouette in the second - nice!

03-21-2019, 01:28 PM
Nice work Bonnie,I like the second piece and the sculpture looks good .Imelda

03-21-2019, 03:16 PM
Oh, cool! You painted the sculpture, too! Very good work!

03-21-2019, 06:03 PM
wow...more are incredibly stunning !

03-22-2019, 05:24 PM
Both are stunning, Bonnie. The sunset painting is WC at its best! Misty Valley is wonderful use of an existing painting. It has lots of depths and, as Harry said, an air of mystery.

03-23-2019, 02:04 PM
Wheee love that misty valley!

03-24-2019, 04:30 PM
I really like both of these.

toowoomba sketcher
03-24-2019, 06:09 PM
I really like the second one, it's positively glowing! :)