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Payne's Grey
03-06-2019, 06:18 PM
A sketch of the remains of an old junk store alongside Rt. 5 in southern Maryland. From a photo I took years ago; all P&I, no washes or colors! :p


pedlars pen
03-07-2019, 04:50 AM
Yep a well chosen subject for a P&I, I do like your touch in the loose handling of the foliage.
Critique ? - Well the addition of some strong & bold colours would liven it up no end ! :lol:
More seriously though if the light direction were made more obvious, most especially (but not only) in the background tree I think this drawing would really would spring into life.
Pen & ink is not that subtle a medium in comparison with other media.
Much more it is a powerful medium ! use that power by exaggeration of the lighting.
It can be a useful technique at times to take a couple of copies & experiment on them with uninhibited abandon with fine liners.

Scene Chaser
03-07-2019, 11:08 AM
A great subject, John. I like your rendition.

Payne's Grey
03-07-2019, 12:55 PM
Bill, thanks so much.

Mike, thank you for the critique. Although done at home from a photo, I tried to address this one like a quick plein air 'urban sketch' for practice and probably spent about 40 minutes max on it, mostly trying to get the perspective decently right. Plans were to maybe develop it into a bigger, more detailed drawing later. I kept the light source in mind as I drew it and thought I did a decent job of showing where the light source was. The only way I see to exaggerate the lighting is to darken the shadowing. Is that what you mean?

pedlars pen
03-07-2019, 04:20 PM
Hmm... it gets a bit tricky here - as we both have to remember that the drawing doesn't look like the scan & both of our monitors look different !
+ if i dip my head down 6" the drawing looks to have more contrast & works fine.
With all those provisos taken into account (if that is even possible for anybody at all !) Yes, I did mean you could have darkened the hatching shading on the gable ends.
Although just as you say it is a quick sketch & works fine as it is.
I really like where your P&I's are coming from John & on reflection it may very well be a matter of my personal taste & habits rather than anything at all lacking in your obviously accomplished drawing.

Payne's Grey
03-07-2019, 08:00 PM
Thanks again, Mike. I appreciate your help. I'm writing on my laptop, and as I look at the sketch while moving the screen up and down, the contrast changes very drastically. I agree on the shadow under the eaves, but on paper, the tones seem balanced to me. I look forward to your critique on my next one, whatever that turns out to be!

Charlie's Mum
03-25-2019, 01:28 PM
so sorry I missed this thread earlier John - it's just the kind I like to see too!

I like the sketchiness, fresh lines which give that plein air look and I feel the tones are well balanced and all there"
My feeling is that avoiding any lines on the front of the 'white' house would have implied bright sun - even though it would remove any sense of its construction form!

Lovely drawing though!:thumbsup:

04-17-2019, 12:18 PM
First time I've strayed from the challenge forum and I recognised your name so had to take a peek. What a wonderful building, I think you've rendered it very well and I found the critique comments very informative. For a 40 minute sketch I found it very impressive. I thought the signage really sums up the building as well as it's last usage (is that a word)😊

Payne's Grey
04-17-2019, 12:23 PM
Well thank you very much, Potters!