View Full Version : WN Tubes Leaking

02-18-2019, 12:24 AM
I have a couple of 37ml tubes of Winton paint that have formed cracks in the tube and come out like spaghetti when dispensing the paint. Anyone else have this happen? Any ideas about what can be done?

02-18-2019, 12:30 AM
Ultrech and dickblicht sell replacement tubes. Or some people duct tape them.

02-18-2019, 08:36 AM
If the cracks are not too close to the opening end of the tube, you can work the paint forward in the tube well past the cracks using a dowel rod or brush handle, then roll the end up tightly to keep paint from reaching them. If they are not, then you will likely need to remove the paint from the tubes and put them in something else like a syringe, small jar or as mentioned already, a replacement tube.