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11-14-2003, 08:29 AM
G'morning! :)
Notice the name change- feel free to slap me down and overrule it! Some forums, like Watercolor, have a daily chat thread that is so active it goes on for pages, every day. Others, like Colored Pencil, have a weekly chat thread that seems to meet their needs. That's why I thought maybe we should go to a Weekly Scumble. There'd be more continuity.

Another gloomy wet November day. Blagh. But in the northern part of the province they're getting up to 15 cm of snow, so I shouldn't complain- you don't have to shovel rain!

Heads up on the next Drawing Event!
It's coming from North Wales this time, hosted by Celiog, at 9 p.m. GMT in the WC Gallery on Saturday, Nov
Can't find the WC Gallery? Click on the Critique Centre in the Channels drop-down box at the top of the page, it's part of that. Or, find the WC Galleria in the forum jump box at the BOTTOM .
It doesn't matter if you can't be there on time or even on the same day. It's still fun!

11-14-2003, 11:10 AM

Nice idea to make it weekly. Let's decide that weeks start on Friday in the Pastels forum!

Well, nothing done with the pastels today, just tried some sculpture... makes ore dust than pastels for sure!

Unfortunatelly, I will not be able to join the WDE, at least saturday at 9 pm GMT, but maybe on sunday.

Have a nice day,


11-14-2003, 11:23 AM
Hiya! Good idea, the weekly thing. That way we can chat on an on and on........:D

Been pastelling all day today..........what a luxury! :) It pooring outside and it's very windy (this morning I found the neighbour's gutter in my back garden.....blown off last night) so I am stuck behind my easel, radio on, heating on, lights on (it does not seem to become light today). Will post in a minute what I've been pastelling on.

Sculpture, Anney....interesting....always wanted to try that some time, the one with real rocks I mean. Maybe one day.

Deborah Secor
11-14-2003, 01:19 PM
Weekly works for me. I can't seem to get in daily, or at least can't participate daily, but can drop a quick note. A weekly saves having to hunt up what you said on the day I missed!

Here's what the weather did yesterday:

It's a terrible photo but it was just gray all day and there was 1/4"of ice coating the world. Today it's melted but is still gloomy dark, the perfect day to paint & write! The fires are blazing in my woodstoves, so it's toasty warm in here. I kind of like these days, once in a while.

Have agood one!

11-14-2003, 04:22 PM
Sheesh, Deborah, wasn't that you complaining of the heat just last week? That's a quick change in weather. BTW my copy of The Pastel Journal just arrived. I haven't had time to read it yet, but looking forward to it. Have you noticed any difference with the new ownership?
Anne, Sunday is fine for the WDE. I'll be several hours late myself.

Deborah Secor
11-14-2003, 05:37 PM
Yep, that was me, and that's New Mexico for you!

One little word of warning about the newest issue of the PJ, the color of the photos of my work is NOWHERE close to reality! I sent a CD with digital images to the former owners, who sent it on to F&W (the company that now owns it) and they didn't have any way to match color. It was unfortunate, but will be better in the next issue, I think. No one's perfect...

Hey, it's 45 degrees now. Drip, drip, drip.

11-14-2003, 07:05 PM
Well Helloooo everyone!!! A weekly thread sounds like that would be suitable, that way folks who don't do a daily thing can keep up with everyone ... :) . My arm/neck is healing sloooowly and I'm trying not to over do, which is hard for me as a type "A" person. So been devoting my time to organizing and getting things together so the studio is ergonomicly correct ... hehehe ... for my lack of height. In other words I'm putting everything "down" to my level... getting rid of heavy objects and containers (breaking them down into smaller less heavy baskets and boxes). I honestly didn't think about it before, if it weighed 20lbs and I could lift it ... what's the problem? It seems that if you lift things in a hurry that are 20lbs and don't think about how you are approaching them, you strain stuff... duh... the things we don't think about... :D. Hopefully I'll be seriously painting again within the next week or so... :clap: Maybe I should start a thread on ideas of how people set themselves up to work to avoid strain (wouldn't think I'm the only one that has problems... hmmm) or has it been done... guess I'll go searching. Any who... hoping everyone is having a great week! (wish I lived closer to NC)...

~~~~ Sharon

11-15-2003, 06:43 AM
Wendy, a weekly Scumble sounds like an excellent idea ... much easier to keep up with what everyone's doing.

It was outrageously wet and windy here yesterday, but calmer today. It's my wedding anniversary and tonight we are going out for a special Chinese meal, with the rest of Sat/Sun set aside for pastelling :) Perfect weekend, really! Last night I finished a painting I'd been struggling with, so whatever I paint today will be purely for FUN.

Sophie, you were so busy yesterday ... a beautiful orchid and a super portrait. I haven't commented on the portrait simply because I don't feel qualified to help you with it, but it's looking great and I can't wait to see how you finish.

I'm happy to hear that the lastest issue of the PJ is out at last. That means mine should be here in about a week's time :)

11-15-2003, 12:56 PM
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the way you have welcomed me into this family. There is a closeness in this forum that is unique. I look forward to sharing my work with you all... but mostly... learning from you all.



Deborah Secor
11-15-2003, 01:10 PM
Happy anniversary, E-J!! Have fun!! Bring some of those little cartons in to share leftovers with us when you're done...yum...


11-15-2003, 01:34 PM
Happy anniversary, EJ! Sounds like a good weekend, indeed.
I am meaning to ask you....did you ever go for Ebay UK? How did/does it go? I am thinking of doing it (maybe put on reproductions) but what's holding me back is the lack of knowledge about Ebay. I don't want to spend ages behind the computer figuring it all out and am reluctant to pay for listings if I don't even know how well I'd be doing. Can you share your experiences?

Hiya Rosic - glad to have you aboard!

11-15-2003, 01:54 PM
Deborah - thank you :)

Rosic - very happy to have you among us!

Sophie - just sent you a PM.

Kathryn Wilson
11-15-2003, 02:50 PM
I think a weekly is great! Easier to keep up with, I always lost those those daily scumbles - LOL.

A rainy day in North Carolina, so we did some household chores that were way overdue and then going back to the trade show this afternoon. Right now DH is snoring in the chair!

Happy Anniversary E-J!

Glad you are feeling better Sharon - I am way too short to have things up high, so everything is one the floor. My only complaint is usually tired legs and feet after standing in front of my easel for anything more than 3 hours.

Rosic - so glad you joined us - hope us Tarheels can meet some day.

dee_artist: I can just picture you in basking in the warmth of your wood stoves - sounds cozy. How much snow/ice do you usually get during the winter?

S'all for now folks!

11-16-2003, 08:54 AM
Is it still this week?:confused:

Just wanted to say hi to everybody. I finally took that exam I've been studying for yesterday, so hopefully I'll be back to painting soon. My house and yard work are so far behind though that I'll have to try to shovel through some of that first.

Today I'm reframing a painting to bring to a gallery show!

In December I'll be in another gallery show where I can have at least 6 paintings (probably have to frame a couple of those weekly sketches) and will be painting there on the day of the opening.

I have alot of catching up to do, hope everyone is doing great.:)

Mary Robinson
11-16-2003, 01:14 PM
Hi There,

Weekly works for me, lately I've not been posting as much. Though I have been peeking at everyone's lovely work.

Today I'm having brunch with SBJ and her hubby, it's her Birthday, everyone wish her a happy one :evil: .

Also my hubby informed me this is the anniversary month of our first meeting one another. (Isn't that cute, a man that remembers, I forgot :D )Other that than, I've been struggling with the shipwreck piece, the sky is in, the backwater is in, but I think it's time go to back to other subjects, I am finding seascapes boring after a year of doing nothing but seascapes. :o

Happy Anniversary, EJ :)


11-16-2003, 01:19 PM
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday Sweet Baby Jaaaane,
Happy birthday to yoooou!

Have many more.... :D

~~~ Sharon

11-16-2003, 01:48 PM
Thank you- and remember: paybacks are a well-known hobby of mine.... hahaha!!!

Truly- thanks- I really appreciate the wishes.

11-16-2003, 03:46 PM
Originally posted by doe
Is it still this week?:confused:

I think it's this week until somebody decides it should be next week. We started on Friday, didn't we; should we keep on until next Friday?
Good luck with the gallery thing, doe!
Rosic, welcome! We'll be learning from you, too.
E-J, how was your Chinese dinner?
SBJ, hope your birthday is fabulous!

11-16-2003, 06:50 PM
Originally posted by sundiver
E-J, how was your Chinese dinner?

So good, and so enormous, that we brought half of it home with us to finish this morning for breakfast :)

11-16-2003, 08:46 PM
Happy Anniversary E-J!

Happy Birthday, SBJ!

Well, weekly is good for me too - daily was a bit hard to connect with - I always felt a day out...

Anyway, the visitors have gone, the birthdays have passed, the wee boy is recovering from a tummy bug, the harvest has finished, and now I am finally able to spend some time with my brand new easel I got for my birthday. I've only managed to oil it so far, not sure how I'll feel when I spill the first lot of pastel dust or paint on it :o

I suppose there will be lots of paintings of snow on the forum soon - perhaps that could be an idea for a project??:D Not that I could partake - it's getting very hot and humid here, but the poincianna trees are in full bright red bloom, so maybe I will give flowers a go....

Happy painting all :)


oh...and commiserations to all the Kiwi's out there - we, in this household at least, really thought you'd do us in at the Rugby.
Now we just gotta beat dem Poms ... :D

Mikki Petersen
11-16-2003, 10:01 PM
Happy Anniversary, E-J. Glad it was a good one.

Happy Birthday, SBJ. Nice way to celebrate, with a WC pal!

I have been playing around with watercolors just for a change of pace and because...I CANNOT DO WATERCOLORS and it drives me nuts. Anyway, the process is 100% backwards to the way I work pastel. With pastel I start by blocking in the darks and then work to bring out the midrange and highlights. With watercolor, I have to reverse my thinking. Anyway I spent several hours reading threads in the watercolor gallery and learned a lot in theory. Now I'm experimenting to see if the new knowledge makes a difference. Problem is...I prefer to post here on this forum! Oh well.

I like the weekly thing. Since the Daily frequently begins in GB, by the time I get to reading it, it's the next day. This way it won't matter.

11-17-2003, 06:06 AM

I am a bit late, but anyway:

Happy Anniversary E-J! Happy Birthday, SBJ!

I did some shopping this weekend, and I was reasonable since I only bougth 3 additional dark pastels... I hope it'll help me in getting more contrast.

I am not sure I will do a lot of pastels this week becasue I have to finish postcards for a project, but this forum is so cosy that I cannot resist to say hi!

Have a nice day,


11-17-2003, 06:11 AM
It's funny how chinese food always seems to come in huge amounts.....lol........
Did I wish SJB a happy birthday yet? I did now, bit late but anyhow...

Am painting a little today....more on the Redhead......also some 'normal' work on my thesis.......am thinking very hard about going to galleries and ask them to put up my work....or Ebay....or what.....it is all dead scary......better get to work and hide behind my desk...:D :D

11-17-2003, 08:15 PM
Hey Wendy! So glad you did this ..... saw your suggestion some time back, but couldn't act on it at the time, life has dealt me a very bad hand at the moment, even worse for my hubby and daughter, this is why I've not been around, but things are slowly improving ~~ God willing, so hope to be back to nag you all very soon.


Kathryn Wilson
11-17-2003, 08:55 PM
MO!!! We have sorely missed you and hope things are getting better day-by-day. Please take care -


11-17-2003, 11:05 PM
Oh, sorry to hear, Mo! Hope things improve quickly. We'll keep your spot warm!

11-18-2003, 01:36 AM
Greetings one and all.

Well it appears I have missed anniversarys, birthdays, illnesses, snow, rain and hopefully some great painting.

I was hoping to greet you with good news but I'm afraid i'm limited in that at the moment. I had planned on being in Seattle for a brief visit and it's ended up taking over a week and may even run into a few weeks by the time I'm over with this headache. SBJ - maybe I had better come out and celebrate with you guys instead of hanging in the city.

Here's my frustrations...
- a dial up internet connection that is painfully slow
- no proper pastelling supplies with me
- Unable to use my camera to do work while I'm here.
- And no end in sight
- did I mention that the art show I'm supposed to participate in this weekend may not be on the possibility list?

On the good side...
- I'm learning some great recipes from my friend the chef
- I've been able to help out a friend who's daughter is hospitalized
- I've caught up with some old friends
- I saw a showing of Susan Oglive's latest oil pastels on gessoed wood mounted on gator board. quite colorful and impressive.

Mostly I miss all of you and can't wait till I can post again more and see what you've been doing.

Happy painting for me!!!


11-18-2003, 03:09 AM
Mo! So good to see you back. Hope the family is doing better/alright. Keep strong. Looking forward to the day you can paint again.

Barb! Ibidem.....:D.........so good to see you back......;)...Missed your paintings and posts (if you have no paintings, some recipes maybe? :D). You sound like nomad these days.....when are you due back home? lol.....must be exiting all this travelling though....

11-18-2003, 08:03 AM
Thankyou Kat, Wendy and Sophie, things are looking better today. :)
Maybe I'll get some time to paint again.

Thanks too everyone for all your PM's. will answer you all, promise.


11-18-2003, 08:15 AM
Mo, my prayers are with you and your family. You have been sorely missed!!! Anxiously awaiting your return and that all things resolve for the best :D. Take care my friend. (((((HUGS)))))

Barb - sounds like you are doing a lot of good although its not "helping" you right now, I have always believed good deeds are seeds, when they take root they come back to us bearing fruit. You will be blessed ... Hoping your situtation also soon resolves and you'll be back with us :D, we miss you here.

Myself, trying to get so things together for the co-op gallery that's opening the last weekend of this month. Also decided to try to volunteer at the local humane society, they are in need of a lot of help! Trying to keep busy.... The Physical therapy is coming along and I can use my arm but still have some pain ... may have to learn to live with that... lol... into each life a little pain will falll... no that's not right.... hehehe. Everyone have a good day and may it bring you nothing but good things :D. Take care

~~~ Sharon

11-18-2003, 09:46 AM
Originally posted by Mo.
things are looking better today. :)

Well, I am happy to hear that.

I still have 10 postcards to make (including 3 op). I make my best to finish by end of the week so that I can start something else!

Take care,