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12-29-2018, 05:24 PM
How do you use something like Winsor Newton Artisan fast dry medium (or equivalent)? Do you rub it into a new layer and paint on top of it? Do you use a dropper and put a drop in every color on your palette? Do you keep it in a cup and dip your brush in it when you pick up some color? If you use it in one color do you need to use it in all your colors in order to keep the drying rate the same? Would it make sense to only add the fast drying medium to the pile of white paint since it then goes into most (but not all) color mixtures?

I use both artisan and cobra. I find that artisan by itself stays wet longer than cobra, which is touch dry overnight. Usually I mix the two brands, which results in a touch dry surface within a day or so. Does this mean that a fast dry medium that halves drying time will get the surface touch dry the same day?

Thereís a lot of confusion around this product. Most threads that discuss it never get into the technical aspects of how itís meant to be used.

12-30-2018, 01:16 PM
They sure don't tell you much about it on their website. Are there no instructions on the back of the bottle?

Most mediums are intended to be mixed in with your paint. A relatively safe ratio if you can't find any instructions anywhere is no more than 20% medium added to the paint. I use a small dropper bottle for dispensing mine. You will need to experiment with test swatches of all your colors to see how much is needed to get the desired drying times. You may find that some colors may dry faster than others as they come out of the tube, others significantly slower. With practice you will learn which colors need more and which need less of the medium to be dry overnight.

I only mix fast drying mediums into the paint I am about to apply to the painting. If you mix it into your paint nuts on the palette they are all going dry overnight, or at least get a thick skin on them by the next day, rendering them unusable.