View Full Version : Harding Whites will they dry out?

12-19-2018, 06:45 AM
For Christmass I dwill get a bonus, so I want to buy 25 Harding whites in large tubes.

Anyone have Harding tubes for years in stock?

I know, its a bit off question, but Harding paint is always sold out where I live.

Marc Kingsland
12-19-2018, 02:21 PM
I take it you've used his whites before and aren't going to buy 25 large tubes of untried paint? Well it depends on how much paint you go through, but Harding does claim to not use any driers in his paints so it should easily be good for ten or more years.

12-19-2018, 03:37 PM
I think it is vital that cap and fold are air-tight and tube itself has no perforations.

Also position in which you store your tubes may be important for paint longevity because it may promote oil leaking through cap or fold. And if enough oil leaks outside paint in that place may actually harden.

I have 3 big tubes of Titanium White No. 1 and 2 for 5 years or so (unused ofc in my case :(). And the paint inside is fresh as ever.

Caps are very good, unlike some caps he used for small tubes years ago. The caps were splitting leading the paint to be slowly oxidized.

12-19-2018, 04:31 PM
Thank you!