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07-14-2001, 09:48 PM
Ok here is my entry for the Sci-Fi Art Project.


07-14-2001, 11:26 PM
Hey! Where'd you get a photo of my girlfriend? LOL
No... She doesn't look a thing like this... She's got more cables. LOL

I was thinking of watching a DVD tonight... You just made the choice for me.

The cheeckbone on the right could use some more definition and from memory it seems the cables in her head bulged under the skin for a while, and didn't quite enter the head like that...

And the skin isn't pale enough - looks too natural. LOL

07-15-2001, 01:30 PM
Thanks Nathan
I did her in haste as she was anxiously waiting to return to her hive and the collective. :D
My husband and I watched "First Contact" last night.
Is that the one you chose also?

07-15-2001, 02:05 PM
I was going to... But then I realised I hadn't showered, and by the time I'd come down and finished what was left for me to work on that night, I was too tired.

Maybe tonight...

07-17-2001, 03:49 PM
Cool, looks great....but isn't she a little to tanned? :D


dr strangelove
07-26-2001, 02:55 AM
Looks fine to me. The bright skin makes it look like there is an explosion in front of her which imho makes the painting more fun.

07-28-2001, 08:25 AM
I kept meaning to get back to this one. I like the eyes on the queen very much. Also, the use of "Borg green" for the background is a nice touch.


08-06-2001, 01:56 PM
Thank You Dr. and Digi
This was from the part in the movie before Data is saved and the Queen bites the dust.
But we all know you can't keep a good Queen down :)

08-08-2001, 06:07 AM
I haven't a clue what you're all talking about:D:D but I think she's loverly:):)