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11-01-2018, 08:35 AM
Welcome to the Goal Post. Goal setting is a very good tool to help people get organized. If you write or post your thoughts, you are more committed and have a better chance of reaching those goals.

Your goals can be short term or long term. They can be daily, weekly, monthly or annual goals. Goals are personal, so everybody's goals will be different. They are your goals, so you can do what ever you want.

Come join the regular gang and get encouragement to help you reach your goals. We have a very friendly group and we are always looking for new people to join us.

Feel free to share links or images of goals achieved or in progress, those are always fun and people like cheering them on.

I achieved my goal of getting my foot better in time for my trip to NY...and 6 weeks later...I may have found my mojo...so my target this month...actually start painting again!:evil: :lol:

11-16-2018, 08:31 PM
Thanks Deirdre for starting us off. I missed the start of the month, I must have overlooked it somehow. That is not unusual here. Robert seems to have vanished, I hope he is ok.

This past month has been very busy with surgery and physio visits, prescription collections from the pharmacies and follow-ups from the hospitals.The latter being a leftover from the Thatcher era (lots of paper work).

My goals are:-
Keep taking the tablets (both of us that is) :).
Keep up with the above (visits and tablets)
Hopefully do something towards the railway modelling.
Paint a sailing boat after Angela Gears demonstration in her acryllic book.

11-17-2018, 05:12 AM
I miss Robert, too. The last I recall hearing from him was after the medieval festival where he conducted calligraphy workshops. He posted beautiful work, but seemed to overexert himself. I hope he is OK, too.

This place isn't the same without him.

11-24-2018, 03:30 PM
Hi there KCWhitney. Yes I remember seeing some of his calligraphy, very colourful and focussed on the medieval side of the lessons. He may well be on the face-book side of things as that is the way things are going for now.

What I did like about this was his getting about on horse back, Let's hope all is well and he is still enjoying it all :).