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Watercolour lover
10-05-2018, 02:36 PM
Havenít posted lately, but hereís one that seemed like a good idea at the time. I tried to render glass and water in pen and ink only, then decided to apply some wash to see what happened - oh well - it isnít written in stone every one turns out!

Comments and suggestions always welcome of course.




pedlars pen
10-05-2018, 06:36 PM
Glass in pen & ink:eek:
I've seen it done extremely well back in the 20's & 30s when P&I was the top earning art, commercially speaking.
To get the contrasts & reflections etc. they would often turn to using a totally black background, not an imitation of scratch board you understand but more a clever marriage of scratch board & P&I techniques.
I think your drawing works very well in most part , especially on the glasses .:clap:

10-05-2018, 09:51 PM
I think I like it before the wash, a lot! Glad you got the photo.

Charlie's Mum
10-06-2018, 06:37 AM
I like both versions John - the first has drama becasue of the contrasts, the second is more subdued, but equally valid.
You certainly chose an extremely difficult subject for the medium!:lol:

10-06-2018, 08:35 PM
I like the one with the wash better.

Even looking at glass objects in real life it's hard to see the 'logic' in what you're seeing; sometimes the distortions look so bizarre and counter-intuitive. To then try and render what you see in an art piece in a way that looks convincing to the viewer is challenging to say the least.

Anyway, very cool work!

10-06-2018, 11:32 PM
I like the wash version. The first one strikes me as very stark and graphic, almost abstract in parts. The wash sort of softens it and brings it into focus for what it is. Interesting.